Saturday, November 7, 2015

Week 43

November 2, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Today we went bowling! It was very fun and we went with Sister Hubert and Sister Seaman. We definitely want to do that again. In the evening we got transfer calls, Sister Neeley and I are sticking together for one more transfer, as is everyone in the mission, except one more delayed trainee arrived and is now in a trio in Vilnius, so life is going on as is. Sister Neeley and I are excited to become even more unified since this will be our third transfer together, this will be the longest either one of us will be together with any companion.

Today we had District Meeting and in District Meeting we watched three Conference talks. The first one, by Richard J. Maynes, I really liked the analogy of the potter's clay. There are so many different ways you can take that analogy. I thought about when I took that ceramics class in high school, the first thing they teach you is how to center the clay so we can be successful in making something. Just like one of the first things in the Gospel we learn is how to center our lives around Christ so that we can have a successful life. The second talk was by Neill F. Marriott. I really like their family motto. It really does show faith in difficult times. The last talk was by Larry R. Lawrence. I really liked the commitment he gave and am excited to try it out to find out how I can become a better missionary. It works because it is a commitment from an apostle and you will receive an answer you will understand if you have real intent.

Today we talked to a lot of people on the street. We are going to try and have the best transfer of our time together this transfer since we were blessed with a third together, so we went hard. It was a really good day.

Today we decided to do a Halloween party for our English class. It was fun, Sister Neeley and I made sugar cookies and icing to decorate them with and we combined with the other Sister's class. The other Sister's brought apple cake since they have been receiving so many apples lately. It was really fun, we even tried to play pictionary, but they didn't really get the point of the game very well. They were so fascinated by the colors of the icing. I guess they have never used food coloring. Since we didn't have any Halloween cookie cutters we used an angel, gingerbread man, a shooting star and a holly type leaf cookie cutter. Those were the most Halloween type cookie cutters we had, it was a fun night.

Lately we have just been noticing how wicked the world really is, everywhere we look there is pornography lurking. I don't understand how almost everyone has become so desensitized. It is really sad and I realize just how desensitized I really was before my mission. I am excited to stay sensitive to the Spirit.

Happy Halloween!!! Nothing special happened during the day. We walked around and talked to people. We saw a few decorations for Halloween, mostly in bars and stuff preparing for the evening. In the evening I carved a pumpkin, which was fun. We even had a couple groups of trick or treaters, which is surprising since they don't really do that here. We bought a bunch of candy to celebrate like we had worked really hard all night to gather it.

On November 1st is a holiday in Lithuania called All Saints Day. They put candles and flowers on the graves of their loved ones. We asked a member to take us with them. We went with Valdas and Kamile to Valdas' sister's grave and we put candles and flowers on it. The graveyard was beautiful all lit up. Then we went to this overlook of Kaunas, which we had been during the day but never during the night, it was beautiful. It was a really fun evening and it was nice to see how they celebrate the holiday. Also, Laisves Aleja had a trail of candles all the way into old town, there were a ton of people walking down it. It was also beautiful. I am glad I got to experience the holiday with Lithuanians.

Sister Brown

Here is my pumpkin I carved.

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