Saturday, November 7, 2015

Week 39

October 5, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Today we decided to take it easy a little bit. We decided to do everything in our own timing, which was nice. In the evening we went out walking to find people to teach. While we were out we found this really neat girl named Simona, she is a young adult and she was in a little bit of a hurry, but she listened to us and was actually super interested in meeting with us, so we exchanged numbers. She was super sweet. Then we decided that when we ride on buses, if we were not talking to anyone we would just get off and try the next bus. It was going really good. We got on this one bus and Sister Neeley began talking to this really nice lady. When she got off we decided it was time for us to get off as well. I was talking to Sister Neeley about her and she said that she didn't have any pamphlets and the woman also said that she like to read. Sister Neeley decided she needed to give her a pamphlet and the Book of Mormon. She ran after her a little ways down the road and gave them to her. The woman was really sweet and impressed, she thought Sister Neeley got off of the bus just for her. It was cute. I also thought it was super brave of Sister Neeley, she is a great missionary. 

Today we had District Meeting where we learned about our studies and why they are so important. While on my mission I have found so many different and interesting new things to study, it really has been a learning and growing experience. I thought I knew a lot before my mission, but everyday I continue to gain more and more knowledge, it is a wonderful opportunity to grow. I want to be able to keep it up when I return home.

This morning we had the opportunity to watch the Women's session of General Conference. It was so wonderful and I am glad I was able to watch it. We went to the senior couple's apartment to watch it with Sister Bruce and the other sisters came as well. It was a fun morning. Sister Bruce made a delicious breakfast, then we all sat down to watch the session. I thought all of the talks were wonderful and I really liked what Sister Wixom said in her talk about Divine Nature. "There are two important days in a woman's life, the day when she is born and the day she finds out why." Later today we got have a lesson with our investigator, Ade. We have had a couple lessons with him before but they had months in between each lesson. We decided we would watch the First Vision. Afterward we were able to testify, the Spirit was very strong. I was so happy I was able to testify in English. He committed to really try to find out if the church was true, and we talked about to really find out we need to pray, read the Book of Mormon, and come to church. He said he would, I am excited to begin to see him progress. 

Today I went on exchanges with a Russian speaking missionary in Vilnius. Her name is Sister Hayes. She is really nice and is in her last transfer. It was fun to get to know her better. We had a lesson in the evening, I was a little nervous because the woman we had the lesson with speaks Lithuanian and Russian and I just wasn't too sure how it would go. I have always had someone with me who understands Lithuanian and could help me understand, but Sister hayes sure doesn't understand Lithuanian. I just decided I would have to try my best to understand and put my faith in Heavenly Father, that He would help me. The lesson actually went really well and I was able to understand, no doubt with Heavenly Father's help. I was also able to participate more in the lesson than I ever had. I testified and they understood, it was a wonderful experience and I proved to myself that I could do it.

Today I returned from the exchange. After all the sisters were with their companions, the Russian speaking sisters headed back to Vilnius while Sisters Seaman and Hubert and Sister Neeley and I went to grab some lunch together. It was really fun. On the bus ride back from Vilnius the bus stopped at this in between city and picked up passengers. This couple sat in front of us and they began talking in English, the woman had an East coast accent, and we think the man was from Lithuania since he knew Lithuanian. It was fun to hear her accent and her making comments on things as we rode into Kaunas. It was interesting, I wonder how they met. 

Today we walked around doing some finding, it was a good day, not too eventful.

Today was fast Sunday here in Lithuania, as they will watch Conference in a week when it is translated into Lithuanian. It was a good day. We were able to stay in Primary since we didn't have any Young Women where the Primary children were angels today. Usually they are a lot more wild, it as refreshing. Then we went home to make some dinner. While we were making dinner we found out we had permission to watch the Sunday Morning Session of General Conference, which was wonderful! I really enjoyed it, I will have to share my insights later because I am out of time.

Sister Brown

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