Saturday, November 7, 2015

Week 42

October 26, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Today we decided since the weather wasn't that great outside we wanted to have a dance party/exercise inside, so we invited the other Sisters over and turned up our Motab and Enya and really rocked out with our smooth moves.

Today we decided to try as we walked around to focus on the Spirit to lead us where to go. We were walking around when Sister Neeley felt like we needed to knock this certain building and stairwell. We did, it was neat because we walked a lot of the doors, then toward the end we knocked on one and this woman with a baby answered the door and she listened, we gave her a pamphlet, she seemed to be searching, it was a neat experience.

Today we had the opportunity to travel to Vilnius for Zone Training where President and Sister Harding would be attending. The training was really good, first they talked about all of the resources we have that maybe we didn't know about. They showed us the website that we could know how to help people use it when we ask them to visit the site. We talked about better finding techniques while using our resources. We then talked about relationships with our investigators, as well as relationships with members. It was a really good training and I came away with a lot of new ideas to improve my missionary work. Afterward we had interviews with President Harding, it is always good to sit down and have some one on one time with him. After, before we got on the train to return to Kaunas, we ate lunch at McDonald's.

Today we taught English and we talked about prophets. It was a super good discussion. We had Juozas in our class, who was our old investigator, he is now the Sister's investigator. It was good to see him. He doesn't know a lot of English, but he pronunciates everything he does know very well.

Not much happened today.

Today we found a lot again and we were able to have Missionary Coordination Meeting with Valdas, the Branch Mission Leader. We found out that one of the other Sister's investigators, Janina, who is super cool, has a baptismal date. It is so exciting, she is a great person. December 3rd is her date. My companion is amazing at the piano, before we had the meeting she was practicing a little and it is beautiful.

Today we had our first choir practice to get ready for Christmas. The men and the women split up to learn the songs. Since Sister Neeley was playing the piano for the men I got to practice with all of the men. Then after, in our 2nd hour classes, we were about done when all of a sudden the fire alarm goes off. It was a very interesting experience as 3 fire trucks came with about 20 firemen. We all went outside. It turns out it was a light in the Young Women's room that was empty, it was melting the plastic and nobody was using that room, so it was a little smoky in there from that. Luckily, Elder Bruce was an electrician, so he took care of it and everything was fine.

Sister Brown

Sister Neeley and I.

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