Saturday, November 7, 2015

Week 38

September 28, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Today we were able to spend some time with the Bruce's, it was a fun and relaxed day. We went out to this mall called Mega to see an aquarium that they have there, the aquarium wasn't quite as impressive as we thought, but it was fun anyway. To end our evening we all went to a funeral for one of our member's mother who passed away. She was really old, so I think that it was good. It was a different experience going to this viewing type thing, I guess that it is called a wake for Catholics. We all just sat and sat until finally it was time to sing. Then we sang and then we sat for a little more.

Today we had District Meeting where we talked about Alma's experience in Alma 36, it was really good. We also talked about an analogy about having your line in the water when you are fishing, which is like the work we are doing, we can be out all day but only have our line the water for two hours and not catch anything, but the longer you have your line in the water the more likely you will catch something. I really like the analogy.

Today we said goodbye to a good friend we made here in Lithuania. Her name is Gerda, she is going to Turkey for school for four months, I hope I am here in Kaunas when she gets back in January, or I at least hope to hear what happens if she will continue investigating when she gets back.

Today we were able to welcome Sister Seaman back to Kaunas and Sister Hubert. It is strange serving with Sister Seaman, but not as her companion.

Today they had another festival type thing on our street. I heard later a woman telling a man who asked that it is the Fall Festival. I guess they have a Spring Festival and a Fall Festival. It is pretty exciting. In the evening we went and had a lesson with a woman named Rasina. She is really nice, but she seems comfortable, she doesn't really want to change right now.

Today the festival was still going on and we were able to walk around it a little bit. They had some really neat performers by the park who were dressed up in traditional Lithuanian clothing and singing and playing traditional music. All these people were dancing, it was really fun to watch.

Tonight we had a lesson with Juozas, Sister Seaman and Hubert came so we could pass him off since he lives in their area. One of our members also came last minute because he was at the church when we were meeting the sisters there and he offered his help. I was so glad to have him there, he was able to be kind and understanding of Juozas and testify about all of the right things. It was a good lesson and I was able to find out a lot about Juozas.

Sister Brown

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