Saturday, November 7, 2015

Week 36

September 14, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Today we were able to celebrate with a member for her birthday, she loves Chinese food, so we went out for Chinese, then we went to a museum she wanted to go to but has never been, Ninth Fort. I have been there one other time, but this time I trie dot learn a little more, and I did. It is super interesting. After we went to the Bruce's where, for FHE, we celebrated her birthday. Sister Bruce made her favorite meal of lasagna, then she blew out some candles and we played some fun games. I hope she had a great birthday. We tried to make it special for her. I think she had fun.

Today we had District Meeting where Sister Neeley spoke about Christ and his Atonement a little, we had a really good discussion about how we will always be unprofitable servants even though that doesn't mean we are worthless, our worth is great in the sight of God. Also, how we have always been and always will be dependent on God, no matter how independent you are you will never be completely independent. It was a really good discussion.

Today we had an apartment inspection done by the Bruce's, we also made a pizza lunch for them. They are so wonderful, they are like our parents here on the mission. They just want to take care of us and treat us like their kids, it is super sweet.

Today we had Gospel Discussions where we talked about the talents. They have a really hard time applying things from the scriptures to themselves. We were talking about the talents we have, then we talked about the story and one woman could not get away from the fact that Christ was speaking about money and we were trying to compare that to the talents we have. It was hard for her. 

Today we tried to do a lot of stop by's at past investigators. Not a lot of people were home, but it was fun to walk around and get to know Sister Neeley better.

Tonight all of our plans ended up falling through, so we ended up walking around. 

Today was really good day at church. We were running a little late, so all of the members were sitting in the chapel waiting for Sacrament meeting to start and there are these large windows on one side of the room and the sidewalk to the door goes right in front of it, and they can see all the way to the bus stop. We get off and they saw us running the whole way, I think they thought it was quite funny. Luckily, we made it right in time. It was Elder Armstrong's last Sunday, so he spoke in Sacrament meeting.

Sister Brown

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