Saturday, November 7, 2015

Week 32

August 17, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Today was great. I tried sushi for the first time, it was very interesting, not a bad flavor, just a weird texture. We were able to go to the Young Single Adult FHE where we played sand volleyball and soccer. It was really fun and it felt good to run round and play sports. I haven't run around like that for a really long time. I even almost scored a few goals. My soccer skills have definitely improved since the last time I played when I was six.

Today we had District Meeting where we all spoke about our favorite Christ-like attribute. I never realized how many there are. I chose to speak about pure intent and how Christ showed pure intent. When he doesn't do his good acts in front of men to get praise, but to glorify his Father. He suffered the Atonement alone, showing that he wasn't just doing it for show, he really cares about each one of us and that was exactly his intent. We also had Gospel Discussions where we spoke about forgiveness. It was a really good discussion. Afterward we were able to talk to this really cool girl, Gerda, who Sister Seaman and I had met on a street forever ago. I guess she came the week before, but we were not able to be there, so she was asking about us and if she could talk with us. She is super cool and said that she feels something when she is with us and around us. Also, she said we could meet with her and talk with her more about the Gospel. She also mentioned about maybe coming to church on Sunday. She is definitely prepared. It is crazy she remembered us inviting her to English class from such a long time ago.

Today we had a lesson with this really neat woman we met on the street last Saturday. Her name is Stanislava. She is super cute and she actually speaks English really well, she is 84 years old. She had read quite a bit from the Book of Mormon we had given her on the street. I think mostly she wanted to meet so that she could just clear up some questions she had about our religion. It was a super good lesson and we were able to testify a lot in both Lithuanian and English. It felt good to testify in English, it means so much more to me when I can really say what I feel in my own language.

Today we made cookies to celebrate Sister Neeley's one year mark on a mission. They were peanut better cookies with some chocolate thrown in because what is a cookie without chocolate? We were running a little late for Gospel Discussions tonight, so when we got there Elder Bruce was teaching both classes, we just joined right in. He showed two Mormon Messages, which I really liked, about prayer. The first one he showed is called "The Hope of God's Light," which is about a man who thought he had it all but then he got into drugs and alcohol and everything came tumbling down. The second one is called "You're Never Alone." It is about Elaine S. Dalton telling a story of the time she ran the Boston Marathon. They both were really good and teach how important prayer really is. I read the other night someone's experience in the Liahona. This woman and her family were struggling financially and she would pray and ask for their needs. Then she received a prompting that she needed to show gratitude instead of asking for the same things in every prayer. For a week she prayed with gratitude. Her prayers changed from, "I thank thee for food, clothing and shelter," to, "I thank thee for the family Thou has preserved and kept well, for the protection Thou dost continue to afford us. I thank Thee for the provisions Thou wilt continue to bless us with." I have tried to change my prayers to more gratitude, that way they are more filled with faith and we are thanking Heavenly Father for things we will receive instead of just everything we already have.

Today we did a lot of walking around on Laisves Aleja, which is a street with quite a few people, it was fun. In the evening we visited our less active, Vanda, she is doing good, but she says it is too hot to go to church.

Today we had a lesson with Juozas, our investigator, it was really good. We were able to read 2 Nephi 31 with him in an effort to get him to read from the Book of Mormon.

Today was really good, we had 4 girls from Utah at church who will be here for 4 months teaching English, it was really cool. We also had a previous missionary at church with her mom, Sister Wilkins is her name.

Sister Brown

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