Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hello :)

November 30, 2014

P-day is busy and we only get 60 minutes of computer time, but don't stop writing letters. Thank you so much for the cookies and the Thanksgiving box, it is so cute! We all appreciated all of the snacks, and the garland was super cute! The cookies were enjoyed by my whole district. A sister going to Latvia said to send more, her name is Sister Addison. I hung the Thanksgiving box on our residence door, our door is right next to the stairwell so everyone could see it as they walked by. I heard one sister say somebodies Mom loves them!!! :) Unfortunately, I didn't get to go to the temple this week, this will be the first week since I got my endowments out, sad!!! :( Fortunately, they are still letting us email and do laundry whenever we can fit it in. My schedule really isn't that exciting on a regular day, most of the day I am in a classroom. Thanksgiving was surprisingly fun. I thought it would be a hard, emotional day. The activities kept us distracted and having fun. We went to choir practice first thing in the morning, and then we got to sing for the devotional right after that. The choir sang for the first time ever "Come Thou Fount." It was amazing. We heard from two different apostles this week, on Tuesday we heard from Dallin H. Oaks, and on Thursday we heard from David A. Bednar, they were super good. Elder Bednar did kind of a question and answer thing, both devotionals were broadcast to all of the other MTC's around the world, so we were broadcast as the choir when we sang, I was seen all around the world. We then did the Q&A session where they handed out cell phones and told us to text our question, it was pretty cool. We then did a Thanksgiving program where a few people performed and then they told a funny story about the history of Thanksgiving. We then did a service project where we put a lentil casserole for children who don't have food, it was really fun. Then, we watched Meet the Mormons, which I was super excited because I was hoping they would show that movie. My companions are good, but super quiet. I thought whoever would be my companion would be my best friend by now, but it is a little harder than I thought. I guess this is just Heavenly Father teaching my something. That is crazy you guys got stuck in an elevator in the temple, I am glad you are all okay.

Sesuo Brown

Mailing address:

Sister Brianna Liane Brown
2007 North 900 East Unit 69
Provo, UT 84602

(Letters can be sent for free on dearelder.com, just put a return address and her MTC address-double check before sending- and the letter will be delivered the same day!)

Extra pictures of Brianna's Thanksgiving gift from mom, it was a hit!