Saturday, November 7, 2015

Week 35

September 7, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Today we were feeling like we were missing wearing heels so we went shoe shopping and tried on some pretty intense heels. We then went to the castle of Kaunas and took some fun pictures and walked around there for a little bit. We played soccer in the evening for FHE. There were these little kids there and they joined us, they were super good at it. They scored so many goals together, good thing I was on their team. Tonight I made apple pie from some of the million apples that we picked from Povilas' tree.

Today we had District Meeting where we reviewed the Zone Conference we had last week, since the senior couple was not able to make it because they were assigned to help the Patriarch and his wife get around since they were in town giving Patriarchal Blessings to members. For Gospel Discussions we spoke about faith. It was a good discussion. We talked about how it is like a seed, it seemed to be a basic enough concept that they could understand it.

Today was a really good day, we walked a lot. In the morning we visited Stanislava, who was doing good, but I guess she forgot we were coming over and she thought we were going to call. She let us in anyway and she was so frazzled because she had nothing prepared, so she prepared a few different things for us to eat. It was really cute. It was nice of her to even let us in.

Tonight we had Gospel Discussions where we were going to talk about prayer, but then one of our students who comes sometimes came and we knew that we could not talk about prayer with her, so we ended up talking about honesty, apparently, it was still too hard of a concept for her to comprehend. We shared stories about times when we were honest or dishonest or when someone else was honest. It was really good. We also received a call today and we are no longer to wear our name tags. Their hope is that people will be more willing to talk to us without thinking we are some kind of authority.

Today began some kind of festival kind of like Peach Days at home, on the street we live on (Laisves Aleja). It is really exciting and neat to see all of the vendors with all of the things that they have made. Some work with wood, wool, art, honey, meat, and a lot more. It is neat to see everyone who has made all of these things by hand in their own trade.

Today we walked about 6 miles, that is the most I have walked in a long time. In the evening we went and visited Vanda, one of our less actives. She was doing good, but she hurt her foot somehow. We talked about baptismal covenants a little bit, and about repentance. It was a good lesson. Afterward we were walking around and discovered this really cool lake, it was beautiful and perfect timing with the sun going down.

Today we had a mission wide fast for more faith. I have learned a lot about faith lately and it really is the key to everything. I tried to translate for Sacrament meeting, but it was still really hard, so Sister Neeley ended up taking over. It was really a wonderful Sunday. So many people came to church, lot's of less actives. It was amazing. Lot's of wonderful testimonies were also said. We had a lesson in the evening with Juozas, our investigator. We were able to bear our testimonies in the end, and I really felt the Spirit strong. Afterward the senior couple gave us a ride in a car they were renting for a few days.

Sister Brown

Sister Neeley and I

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