Saturday, November 7, 2015

Week 40

October 12, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Today I went to the museum Ninth Fort for my 3rd time, but this time they had a new part that you could walk through except we ran out of time and we had to leave, so I didn't get to see the new part, but hopefully I will get to go back a 4th time. We went with Sister Seaman and Sister Hurbert, who have never been before. It was fun to show them around.

Today we had District Meeting where we were able to begin watching General Conference in English. We watched the first two talks of the Saturday morning session. The first one by Elder Uchtdorf and the second by M. Russell Ballard. They were both really good. In Elder Uchtdorf's talk I really liked the topic he chose about, is the Gospel working for you and if not what you can do to make it work for you. I also really liked how he said you can start where you are, you don't need to be comparing yourself with everyone around you and trying to change overnight. God sees our potential and our willing heart, then Heavenly Father will help with the rest. He is so merciful. In Elder Ballard's talk I liked the part where he reaffirmed the warning in The Family: A Proclamation. I thought that it was powerful. I like the analogy of the old ship Zion. Elder Bruce said something afterward about how if we jump out of the ship and try and make it on our own we will never make it, and it will be a lot harder. I think the boat in that case is kind of like the Atonement, we can't make it back without it and if we try to swim on our own we won't ever make it until we rely on our Savior again. I am so excited to see more of Conference and hear more of the messages.

Today we had a lesson with a less active, Vanda, and an active member, Kazymeras, joined us. Vanda loves Kazymeras because he is her "Kriksta Tevas," Baptism Father. She asks about him every time we go over. He really is great, he is super old, but so active. Rumor says he runs like 5 miles a morning. We had a lesson to prepare for General Conference by talking about prophets and apostles. Afterward, when we were on the bus, we were able to talk to Kazymeras a little bit more and get to know him. We found out how long he has been a member, as well as how he came to know it was true. He said that he had a dream where Christ appeared to him and said he needs him on his side. It sounded like a neat experience. Ever since, he has been been doing missionary work and being a faithful member. Afterward, we had to hurry to branch council since Renata had asked us to go last minute since she couldn't make it as Young Women's President, and since Sister Neeley is her counselor we were able to go.

Today we had Gospel Discussions where we talked about prophets and apostles and then asked if they would come. They all worked, but one of our students who is from the Ukraine said she would watch it online in Russian. We will have to see how that went.

Today we tried to visit one of our less actives, Laima, since it was her birthday, but she wasn't home. We did get to meet her father, so that was neat.

Today we spent most of the day at the church watching General Conference in Lithuanian. We made muffins for in between the sessions and they disappeared quite quickly. In the evening we helped clean the church.

Today we got to finish General Conference, we also got to partake of the Sacrament, which I thought was neat that they started doing that. After Sacrament we got to watch one session in English (the session we already got to see in English) with our investigator who speaks English. It was as good as the last time I watched it. We then watched the Sunday Afternoon Session in Lithuanian.

Sister Brown

A weird fruit we found. What is it?

Our friend Soroush and his friend who was visiting, he is a pilot.

Ninth Fort with the Sisters.

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