Saturday, November 7, 2015

Week 30

August 3, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Today we went school shopping for Sister Penrose since she will be heading off for college shortly after she arrives home in a week and a half.

Today we had District Meeting where we all spoke on different teaching skills, I was assigned to speak about inviting members to teach. I really am starting to see the importance of member involvement when it comes to missionary work. I will be much more willing to help the missionaries out when I get home. The investigator can just relate with the member so much better than a missionary, especially if that member is a convert, or even better, a recent convert. We were able to teach Gospel Discussions, we talked about Christ. After the lesson one of our students want to inform us about all of the GMO's in our food in America. It was very interesting.

Sister Soosalu wrote this last week...
"Thursday, 23 of July 2015
Hello! It is very rainy but enjoyable day! I am with Sister Soosalu and we will have sooooooo fun day!!! We are planning now for our lessons. We just had lunch - we made tortillas and had some pieces of chocolate! What a day! I am looking for a talk now about Christ so we could share it with Edita. People here are amazing and they teach me so many things every day. We just took pictures with the American flag and other decorations you sent me mom! Thanks! That was super fun! Now we are on our way out to lesson! It will be very spiritual and full of love lesson, because we love the people here so much! And the sun is out! Huraaa for Israel!

WE had an amazing lesson with Edita! She was so happy and willing to talk and think along. She is sealed to her husband in the temple and we want them to have eternal life. She said that they pray together and their wish is to be more together. He works in Norway and this does not allow them to be together more. She is amazing and still takes care of people she has taught in church earlier. She still loves the people and our Savior, even if she is not able to come to church all the time. She still knows the truth. After that we had an amazing lesson at church. We were teaching Gospel Discussions about prophets. Sister Soosalu taught them how to pray and I asked them life questions about rules and why we have them. They were shy to answer, but it was a good learning experience for them. We talked a little with the Bruce's. Sister Bruce is a convert and has a wonderful story to tell. She loves God deeply and we can see it. I am happy that I had a busy day. I learned more Lithuanian and I spoke more boldly. I am not perfect, but Heavenly Father does not expect that of me. He wants me to do my best. That is enough for Him. I love Him and I will show it by my actions. God has given me so many beautiful things to be grateful for. Sister Soosalu said that I am amazing and that God needs me here for the reasons who I am. She said that because of my willingness He can work through me very well and with power. She thinks I am really special, she loves me. She said that it is wonderful to serve with me. We had an amazing day! HURRRAAAAAA FOR ISRAEL!!! PS the sun came out and all is in blossoms. People are smiling again and the light is back in their eyes! I love to see their light - it testifies to me always that we are children of Almighty God! Halleluuiaaaaa!"

Today we were able to walk around a lot in the rain. We were also able to go and visit a less active named Vanda, she is so sweet. She said that she would really come to church this Sunday, so we will see if she comes. Sister Penrose told her it would be her last Sunday.

Today began my last exchange with Sister Soosalu. We were supposed to have a lesson with an active member in Vilnius named Birute, but we received a call that her son, who is also a member, had passed away. We decided we would still go over and take her some food. She let us in and was so kind, even during this very hard time. Her brother and one of her daughters were there helping make arrangements. I am so glad she has the Gospel in her life at this time. It would be so much harder without the peace the Gospel brings.

Tonight we were able to visit Petras and Stasa, who are an older couple in the branch. They are so sweet together, Stasa's eyes hurt and there he was offering peace and comfort telling her everything would be okay.

Today we were able to have a lesson with the first member in Kaunas. Her name is Birute. She told us her story of how she came in contact with the missionaries and how they didn't know any Lithuanian and it was their first day in Lithuania. I thought that it was crazy that they were able to communicate with her even though they did not know the language. She is a wonderful, strong member. 

Today was Sister Penrose's last Sunday in Lithuania and she got to say goodbye to a lot of the members. It was a great day.

--I am a little nervous for transfer calls which should come tonight, because I know that I will be getting a new companion. Sister Penrose is at the end of her mission. There is really only one sister that I am nervous about becoming her companion, she just seems like she is not easy to get along with. We will have very few sisters after this transfer, there will only be 7 of us, we are losing 4. The language is coming, I definitely understand more on some days than others. We were running low on mission money and we were really hungry and we only had 20 Euros left for groceries, so we had to save that for groceries, so I took out some money to buy us some lunch. We only ended up spending about 11 Euros on our groceries for the whole week. Our fridge was pretty empty, but we made it.

Sister Brown

Sister Soosalu and I

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