Saturday, November 7, 2015

Week 34

August 31, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Today was good, we went to the Resurrection Church. We took a ton of pictures on Sister Neeley's camera because my camera's battery died right before we went. Afterward we played the usual soccer and volleyball. It was super fun, all of these little kids ended up joining us.

Today we got to walk around and talk to people during the day, and in the evening we taught Gospel Discussions. We tried to talk about the Creation and the Fall, but then this one woman who comes sometimes complains that what we talk about is too hard to understand, so we had one questions that asked them what makes them happy, she loved that question. We ended up just sticking with that question for the rest of the class.

Today we had a long day outside. We saw these two little girls, one was playing a violin and the other an accordion. I have never seen such a little girl play an accordion, usually it is old men that play. We stopped by a less active and she said she would come to church on Sunday. She also had a daughter that I don't believe is a member, who was super interested in learning English. Hopefully she starts coming.

Tonight we taught Gospel Discussions and we planned it super simply, just in case this woman, Nijole, came because she always complains about how hard it is. She didn't end up coming, but one of our students who comes all the time expressed how much better she liked that lesson because it was easier to understand and learn. We will continue to try and simplify our lessons.

This morning we woke up at 5 AM so that we could go to Vilnius for Zone Conference. I don't know if it was because I prepared more, but it was definitely one of my favorites. The topic of the whole conference was faith in Jesus Christ. I really enjoyed learning about it and how to apply it to our missionary work. We talked a lot about why faith in Jesus Christ and not just faith. I know that we can put our faith into a lot of different things, but nothing will come of it because there is actual power in faith in Christ. Faith in Jesus Christ can grow and become stronger as you act and gain knowledge. The power of faith in Christ is real, you can literally do anything if it was commanded of you.

This morning we went back to Povilis' garden to pick the rest of the apples off of his trees. He is so sweet and has such a strong testimony. We picked all of the apples off of his trees, then he gave us more apples. We now have so many apples. I think we might end up making a pie or something because there is no way we can eat all of these apples.

Today was really good. A Nigerian member gave a talk today, so it was in English and was translated by another member. It was a super good talk. I really appreciate how strong his testimony is. He is a pretty new member.

Love, Sister Brown

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