Saturday, November 7, 2015

Week 28

July 20, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Today we were able to walk up and down Laisves Aleja, it was really fun. You see a lot of interesting people. Afterward, we went to the YSA Family Home Evening where we played tennis in these fancy indoor tennis courts where Sister Penrose and I just watched. It was a lot of fun and they had a lot of people show up to play.

Today we walked around and stopped by some less active's and past investigators. In the evening we taught our gospel discussions class where we talked about the 10 commandments. It went really well. We watched a Mormon Message about how the world only keeps about 4 of the commandments. I really liked it. (

Today it rained so much! We tried to just do as much inside work as possible so we didn't have to walk in the rain too much. We tried to go to Branch Council, but only the Relief Society President showed up, I guess everyone forgot to tell us that it was cancelled.

Today we were supposed to meet this referral we received to give her a Book of Mormon, but she never showed up. After that we ate at the church because we had to stay for Gospel Discussions. In Gospel Discussions we talked about how God is our loving Father in Heaven. It was super good and we watched this super good Mormon Message about how Heavenly Father has a different plan for us and sometimes He has to cut us down so we can become what we need to be. (

Today we had zone training where we had a counsel about what the district's and the branch's strengths are and what they need help with. It was really good and helpful, and there was really a lot of participation. Then Elder Turley, who is serving in Klaipeda, spoke about the Sabbath Day and it was super good and helpful. I really enjoyed it. Sister Soosalu mentioned how she will write a letter to Jesus each week to prepare for the Sacrament. I really liked it. We also had some testimonies by the Sister's who would be leaving after this transfer. It was really hard, but they all had really good testimonies. Afterward, everyone just took pictures and said goodbye.

Today we had an activity for the Young Women where we decorated journals for girls camp and talked about family history. It was really fun and I decided to decorate mine as a Sacrament journal, where I can write my letters to Jesus and write in it during the Sacrament. I am super excited about it.

Today I made delicious cinnamon rolls for the first time, they actually turned out really good. I see why people don't make them very often, they do take a lot of time and work.

Sister Brown

Sister White

Sister Hoskin

Sister Soosalu

Sister Neely and Sister Hoskin

Sister Bestenlenher

Sister Bruce

Sister White

(The departing Sisters are Sisters White, Hoskin, Soosalu and Penrose :( )

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