Saturday, November 7, 2015

Week 37

September 22, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

There is a cute little family from Texas here for his schooling, he is on an exchange program. Their names are Brother and Sister Salmon. They are super nice and have a 4 year old and newborn. Brother Salmon has been here for a few weeks, but his family just travelled here not too long ago. Sister Salmon was talking to us in church and how she doesn't know how to grocery shop, so she asked if she could tag along while we grocery shop today. We met her and were able to explain what everything is and help her out. She is really nice and I thought really brave traveling alone with a newborn and a small child. We then waited all night for our transfer calls, then finally we ended up calling some of the other sisters to see if they had heard anything yet, they had so they told us the news. Sister Neeley and I are staying together in Kaunas.

Today was Elder Armstrong's last District Meeting. It was really good, we talked a lot about faith. How faith is a living, breathing thing. We have to feed it and take care of it and try over and over until it grows like we talked about it in Zone Conference being like a muscle and how it can grow as you work it.

Today we had time to walk around and try to find people to teach. Before that we went over to the Elder's apartment and cleaned it and heart attacked it, we are getting Elder Norman and a trainee here in Kaunas. I am glad we cleaned it, the apartment did not smell the best.

Today we taught Gospel Discussions in the evening and we talked about the Parable of the Prodigal Son. It was a really good discussion about forgiveness. After, we were able to meet the new trainee, his name is Elder Lyon. He seems nice, I think he is from Mesa, Arizona.

Today we walked around. While we were walking around on the street we live on there was a lot of fun things going on, they had some kind of rock type music concert over by the park and there was some kind of exhibit, we think maybe art.

Today the branch had an activity where they went mushroom hunting in the forest. We were going to go and I was so excited because I have always wanted to go mushroom hunting, but then President said that since that active would be all day we couldn't go. It was really sad, but we had investigators going so we decided to go and see them off. While we were there the Salmon's thought that maybe they would go, but when they found out it would be all day they decided to not go because they have a newborn and they weren't prepared for an all day event. We were all walking to the bus stop together and talked and got to know them, he is from Alabama, and she is from Texas. They ended up inviting us to dinner that night. We went there for dinner and they fed us, it was really nice of them. We found out that Sister Neeley's Bishop is Brother Salmon's Uncle, so that was crazy. It really is a small world.

Today after church we got to meet with Renata, the Young Women's President, to talk about lessons since Sister Neeley is the counselor. After, when we were finishing up, she received a call that one of our members whose mother was old and sick passed away. Then everybody who was still at the church went into funeral planning mode and somehow we got drug into it to sing. Tomorrow night I will be singing part of a song, solo! I am so nervous, I have never sung solo. We came home and we practiced and practiced until my voice turned hoarse. I hope everything goes alright. We will have to keep practicing tomorrow.

Sister Brown

My last transfer district in Kaunas.

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