Saturday, November 7, 2015

Week 29

July 27, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

We were able to go to this really neat and depressing museum called Ninth Forth. It is a concentration camp that was used during World War 2 for Jews. It was very interesting and sad. It really makes me think about the people we talk with here in Lithuania, especially the older ones who were alive during that time, I am sure they still have emotional scars from it.

We had to go to Immigration because Sister Penrose's card expires today. After waiting there all morning, we finally got in to discover that we are missing one document, so after that we go late to District Meeting where Sister Penrose taught us about listening to the Spirit more and really listening to our investigators. Afterward we were able to find the document and head back over to immigration, then after waiting for hours once again, we find out we are missing another document. So we were not able to finish it all today, even after all of that waiting. Tonight at Gospel Discussions we had two new people come, as well as two that we haven't seen in awhile. It was really good. One of the new men gave us a random bunch of green grapes, it was really nice of him.

We went back over to Immigration at eleven this morning, then we waited all day. We ended up getting out of there at about 4:30 PM and the place closes at 5. I felt bad for the other people who had also been waiting for a long time and still hadn't talked to anyone.

I went on an exchange with Sister Soosalu. This time she came to Kaunas. She really wanted to see Kaunas one last time before she goes home in a week and a half. It was really good, we had a lesson with a less active who always cancels on us last minute, but this time she didn't cancel. It went really well. Then we got to teach Gospel Discussions again where we had the same two new men in the class. Today that same man who gave us the grapes gave us these rolls.

We had so many lessons planned. Our first lesson was with Ade, a recent convert, which is our last with him. Then afterward we had a referral we were supposed to meet, but she didn't show up. In the evening we had a lesson with Juozas. He even played his accordion for us. I was worried about his beard getting stuck in it. He gave us some berries to eat during the lesson. There were blueberries, which were my favorite, then he also gave us black and red currants, which were very interesting and not my favorite berries. We talked about the Word of Wisdom, and the lesson was amazing. He even said the closing prayer where he prayed to find out if the Word of Wisdom was from God.

We had a Young Woman activity where I shared a few thoughts about pioneers and how the Young Women are pioneers, we only had Justina show up, but she had fun. We made butter and we had biscuits for the butter and we decorated journals, it was really fun.

Someone was called as Young Women's President, but she already has a lot of callings and I guess they didn't even talk to her beforehand to see if she would accept the calling. She will be a great Young Women's President. Sister Penrose gave the lesson in Young Women about the temple, it was super good. A lot of the members went to the temple last week and they were all just glowing today, it was wonderful.

Sister Brown

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