Saturday, November 7, 2015

Week 31

August 10, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Today Sister Penrose and I had our last preparation day together. She wanted to buy a few more souvenirs. She started trying to finish packing and then in the evening we went to the young single adults FHE where we talked about service and it was really great, then afterward when we were home getting ready for bed we received transfer calls. I pretty much knew I would be staying here in Kaunas, but I had no idea who my companion would be. My new companion is Sister Neeley, and we will be staying Kaunas West. It should be an interesting transfer, I do not know Sister Neeley very well.

Today we had our last District Meeting where we were all able to share our testimonies and Sister Penrose got to share what she learned from her mission. She shared a great testimony. Then afterward I was able to receive a really wonderful blessing since I was super nervous for the transfer ahead. It was wonderful and it really shows how much Heavenly Father loves me and cares and knows what I feel. Afterward we had to go get Sister Penrose undeclared, then she finished packing and then we traveled to Klaipeda to stay the night. In the morning Sister Hoskin and Sister Penrose will head for Ryga, then Sister Neeley and I will head back to Kaunas. It has been super hot here and the bus to Klaipeda was super small and had no space for luggage, so we had to just put Sister Penrose's two large suitcases next to us in the aisle. The bus ride was about three hours and the bus did not have air conditioning and I was sitting right in the sun. I am glad we made it finally.

Today we went to the bus stating in Klaipeda and we headed off for Kaunas and the other sisters for Ryga. It is really sad to see them go, luckily, our bus was a lot bigger on the way back and there was a place to put Sister Neeley's luggage, and it had air conditioning.

Today I discovered a lot about Sister Neeley and how she is a lot different than I thought. I think that it is going to be a good transfer. We get along pretty well. We had a lesson with a less active named Virginija. It was interesting.

Today we did a lot of walking. We were able to talk to this really neat couple. There were a ton of people who were down by the river swimming. It is super hot and humid here this last week.

Today we walked outside in the morning to change it up and hoped it would be a little cooler in the morning. It was a little cooler. We started talking to this really cute old lady, she had these glasses that made her eyes look huge. We sat and spoke with her on a bench for about an hour. By the end we had exchanged telephone numbers and we had her address and gave her a Book of Mormon, we also set up a time to meet next week. We started walking back with her toward her and then she just decided to show us where she lives so that we could find it easier when we came to have our lesson, she invited us in for a minute. She was super cute, she showed us all of her pictures. We met this really cool Philipean girl on Laisves Aleja. I guess she is a nanny for this family who is visiting Lithuania. She was super cute and we were able to talk to her for about an hour and a half.

Today we had church. Renata, the new Young Women's President decided to ask Sister Neeley to be her counselor in the Young Women's presidency, so it looks like we will still be going to Young Women's on Sundays. I had to try and translate for Sister Nuttle, who is a senior couple with her husband. It was really hard and I had the jist, but it was not very connected. I guess it just takes practice.

Sister Brown

Our District

Sister Hoskin and I

Sister Neeley and I

Sister Penrose and I

Nina, Sister Neeley and I

Sister Nuttle, Sister Neeley and I

My pictures I hung up

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