Sunday, April 17, 2016

Week 64

March 28, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

On Monday we went to play a game at the church with the other missionaries. It was so much fun. We also got permission to save part of our preparation day for another day of the week so we could go to this KGB Museum that is not open on Mondays. We saved our grocery shopping for the end of our preparation day, and so after we finished playing at the church we went and bought groceries and headed home. We got home and then we realized as we have two huge bags of groceries that we forgot our keys at the church. We called some elders who were at the church and they were nice enough to bring us our keys.

On Tuesday we taught English and it got a little heated, as we were talking about the great apostasy.

On Wednesday we had to pick up Sister Madison's new living permit at the immigration office, and then we took dinner that we made to Sister Miles at the school she works at because she has been really sick lately. We then had a practice for the activity on Saturday.

On Thursday we were able to go to Kaunas for a Zone Training. It was our last Zone Training, so at the end we bore our departing testimonies. It was a really good Zone Training where we talked about Christ and our fears in missionary work. They even had a funeral for our fears, with a casket made out of cardboard by Elder Nelson. It was a great Zone Training which helped me feel spiritually filled and ready to bear my testimony. After, we traveled back to Vilnius and we had a lesson with a less active who is going to a cooking school. She taught us how to make some really good tiramisu. Our lesson was about the temple and Elder Nuttall just wen through the temple interview so she could know what she and her husband need to do so that they can enter. It was a really good lesson.

On Friday we went to service and then after went to the museum. The museum was really interesting and sad. Part of the museum was in the prison and even to the execution chamber. It was a good learning experience. 

On Saturday we had our Easter activity where we acted out a story that someone's friend wrote, who is from Poland. It went really well. I was a good/bad spirit. We actually had many more people than expected show up for it. There were some technical difficulties at the beginning, but after that it went pretty smoothly. It was overall a great experience.

On Sunday it was a wonderful Easter. I was able to translate or read the translation since they had it in English. They had the youth do the program, it was really great. We got to teach the Young Women's lesson and it went pretty well. I passed out Del Sol key chains today to all of the youth and a few of the adults. It was great, they all were filled with wonder. After church we decorated eggs, then in the evening we went to the Bender's, who invited us over for Easter dinner with all of the other missionaries. She was so sweet trying to make it like Easter in America, with some American candy.

It was a great week.

Sister Brown

Easter eggs.

Those elders are just "dumpled" over.

Squished peeps.

Easter activity.

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