Sunday, April 17, 2016

Week 60

February 29, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was the last week of the transfer, it was a great week. On Monday we took kind of a chill day and went to the Nuttall's (senior couple) house. It was great to just chat with them and help them prepare food. Then we ate Hawaiian haystacks with them.

On Tuesday we had Zone Conference, it was great to see everyone. The conference was based off of a few talks from a recent worldwide missionary broadcast. They also connected what we learned to our members and the Eastern Europe area goals that we are trying to help them with. After Zone Conference, and many pictures, I went to Kaunas with Sister Hubert for an exchange. It was, again, so good to be in Kaunas.

On Wednesday Sister Hubert and I were able to go to the Bruce's (senior couple) home for some lunch and to help Sister Bruce with a project she has going on. It was just like old times being at their apartment.

On Thursday we made a plan for things we could do for the members to help them with the goals leading up to Easter. For next week, we decided to give them a scripture reading calendar that they will read one scripture passage a day until Easter about Jesus Christ, then after they read it we will also give them some little Easter eggs that they will cover the days they have read. We decided it would be good for all of the families in our area.

On Friday we had service at the food bank. After service we went to this restaurant called Boom Burger, they have delicious burgers.

Saturday was a super crazy, busy day. We had a Zone Training Skype with the other cities in the morning, then we got to see all the youth and young adults from other cities and say hi before they began their career fair they were having. We ran home to eat before we had to be back for our choir concert. Our choir concert went great, we were able to sing some songs about the Restoration and do a little performance. We actually had more people than expected since we didn't feel like a lot of people knew it was going on.

On Sunday we heard some excellent talks from Brother Miles, who is from America and works at the Embassy here, and his young son, on the Priesthood. Brother Miles is the Young Men's President and as he spoke he shared tender memories of his Priesthood heroes and some jokes within the Young Men's program here. He really got them listening when he started talking about nachos, as apparently, it is their favorite and their answer for things when they don't know the answer to a question. It was super good and hit so many Gospel principles that need to be taught here more often.

On Saturday we also got transfer calls and I get to stay here in Vilnius with Sister Madison! Yay!

Sister Brown

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