Sunday, April 17, 2016

Week 59

February 22, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

On Monday we had a request from Mindaugas to play basketball at an indoor court he was able to get for a few hours. We went and played basketball and volleyball, it was a lot of fun.

On Tuesday we had District Meeting, which I have really been enjoying lately. We end up discussing questions we have or sharing what we studied throughout the week. In the evening we were able to go celebrate a late Chinese New Year. We made a ton of fried rice. It was a lot of fun, we ate Chinese food and then played a game called "signs." 

On Wednesday I went on an exchange with Sister Hubert while Sister Madison went to a meeting in Riga. Sister Hubert and I were able to go after Mindaugas was set apart to say goodbye and wish him good luck. He left on Thursday morning.

On Thursday morning I left with Sister Neeley back to Kauanas for an exchange. It was great to be back in Kaunas for the day. I was even able to see a few members who I love in Kaunas. I saw Edvinas and Valdas, they are great. I found out that Valdas is planning a trip to America next year, I hope I will be able to see him, as he wants to come to Utah to go to the Salt Lake City temple. On Friday I returned to Vilnius just in time for service, where we were able to package some more coffee. We then had a lesson with a woman named Rita, who the sisters found and were passing off to us. It was a difficult lesson, as Lithuanian is actually her third language and she actually does not understand it that well. She insisted it be in Lithuanian instead of Russian because she wants to learn Lithuanian. We will continue to try and meet with her.

On Saturday we set up a super awesome fitness plan. We are excited to begin, we hope it will help us be healthy. In the evening we were able to lead a language thought with the other missionaries. We played Scattargories, but in Lithuanian, it was really hard, but fun. 

Sunday was such a wonderful day. First we were able to get to know some of the members we don't know very well and make friends. The Primary children love us now, as we keep sharing cookies and treats with them. Sister Madison did great teaching the Young Women about our purpose in life. We again had so many English speakers in church that we ran out of translators. It was a great day.

Sister Brown

Here is my quad that I got bound! I love it!

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