Saturday, April 16, 2016

Week 49

December 14, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Wow, this week was a crazy one. We had transfers and after 9 transfers and 9.5 months I finally left Kaunas. I was sad to go, I really love the members there, but now I have the opportunity to serve in Vilnius with Sister Bestenlenher. Vilnius is quite a big city, it is going to take awhile for me to figure out how to get around. Sister Bestenlenher and I are both new to the area, Vilnius East, so we are doing something called white washing. Sister Bestenlenher just came from Vilnius West, so she knows the bus system pretty well, so that helps a lot with knowing how to get around. This week on Monday we were anxiously waiting for transfer calls all day, then we finally go them and found out that Sister Neeley was also leaving Kaunas West and going to Kaunas North with Sister Hubert. We had from when they called us that evening at about 10 PM until our train left at 1:45 plus district meeting at 11:00 for an hour to be packed. We started right then and ended up staying up until about 12:30 with most everything packed. In the morning we continued packing and we were all packed by the time we went to District Meeting. After District Meeting we had to go straight home and get our stuff by taxi to the train station and eat some lunch. We made it on time and all traveled to Vilnius. Sister Seaman was headed to Riga Latvia to go home. Her mission has now ended and she is home with her family. She is a wonderful missionary and it is sad to see her and also Elder Martin go home. After we got here we met a lot of the other missionaries to swap companions. Sister Bestenlenher headed to our new apartment to drop my stuff off, then we met the other sisters in Vilnius, Sister Madison and Jerman, to help clean Sister Bestenlenher's old apartment that the Elders would be moving into. Then we moved Sister Bestenlenher's things into our new apartment. The next day we were able to go grocery shopping and finish up the cleaning and moving. Then we were able to unpack and get situated. Let's just say the beginning of the week was exhausting and a little overwhelming, but we made it.

Sister Brown

My district in Kauanas.

My worn out shoes that I finally threw away.

New companion Sister Bestenlenher

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