Sunday, April 17, 2016

Week 63

March 22, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

Monday we shopped all day for a dress that would be long enough for Sister Madison, she was trying to find a new one so she can look nice when she gets off the plan and sees her family. She ended up finding a really cute one at the very end, when she had almost given up hope. Longer dress are definitely harder to find here.

On Tuesday we had District Meeting where we talked about reverence, especially reverence after a meeting. In the evening, after English class, we had a planning session with a few of the young adults for an Easter activity. They have a lot of good ideas, it should be a good activity.

On Wednesday we went to an appointment with the dermatologist for Sister Madison's nose, then we went to immigration to renew our living permits. After, we went and got something to eat before we met the sisters at the bus station for an exchange. We tried this really good Armenian restaurant, it was delicious. They even had baklava, which is delicious and reminds me of some good memories in my childhood.

On Thursday I was able to take a trip to Kaunas to pick up Sister Madison from her exchange, but before Sister Hubert and I went and ate some lunch at this place called Ecotaco, which was delicious as well. After we got back to Vilnius we had another planning meeting for the activity.

On Friday we had service at the food bank. They even had a news anchor and camera there interviewing someone from the food bank. The camera even did some close up shots of the elders as they were sorting food, so they are basically famous here in Lithuania now. After, we went home and got ready because Sister Madison had a meeting on Skype with the other leaders. After their meeting we prepared for a movie activity where we ate nachos and watched "Meet the Mormons." It was good, but not as many people as we expected showed up.

On Saturday we had a practice for the Easter activity where we will be acting out a play with a narrator. It was a lot of fun, I am excited. I get to be a village person. In the evening we were able to participate in the activity for the Relief Society birthday. It was so good to see everyone share their talents and crafts they have made. We even sang as sister missionaries.

On Sunday I was expecting to translate, but I guess my week has been changed to Easter Sunday. I was freaking out because I am not very good at translating and that is a big Sunday. Later on I found out that they actually have a script in English for the Easter program, so it won't be as hard as I thought because I can just read along with them, so that was an answer to my prayers and I am so grateful.

Sister Brown

Green eggs for St. Patricks Day!

Winter wonderland in March, it looks like Christmas out there.


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