Sunday, April 17, 2016

Week 61

March 7, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

On Monday we were able to go bowling with all of the other missionaries to celebrate Sister Jerman's birthday. It was very fun. It was also Elder Peterson's last Monday before he went home. Elder Lyon got transferred to Siauliai, so it was also our last Monday with him. After we went bowling we went out to eat with a member from Kaunas who was in town and asked us if we would want to meet up.

On Tuesday we had District Meeting before the sisters had to go up to Riga to meet their trainee. While the sisters were gone we were able to go and decorate their apartment that evening. I used a confetti cannon thing and I was trying to figure out how to use it, then it exploded, but not where I wanted it to. It was so loud, I was not expecting that.

On Wednesday we decorated Elder Water's apartment for the trainee. We made these calendars for our members so we were taking those around to them all week. They all seemed to really like them. When we stopped by one of the families to just drop it off we ran into the mom and daughter outside and they invited us in. They were really nice to let us in and shared fruit and tea with us.

On Thursday we got permission to go outside of the city limit to visit our Relief Society President. We brought Sister Nuttall along since she wanted to help out with the organization of the Relief Society. We could kind of see that Nijole, the Relief Society President, was a little overwhelmed and alone in her presidency since they just keep giving her new members and less actives as her counselors. It was really great, we got to see the little city she lives in. She lives 50 kilometers outside of Vilnius, which is about 31 miles. We were able to kind of be her presidency. We are glad we brought Sister Nuttall since she has much experience with Relief Society. We were there for about 3 hours and then we headed home, but since we hadn't eaten all day we decided we should grab some dinner when we got back into Vilnius. We went to this delicious little Georgian restaurant, it was so yummy. Then we got a little dessert at this Belgian restaurant, then we headed home. It was pretty much an all day event. 

On Friday we went to service where we wore our ugly sweaters that Elder Downs and Scott bought for us at a used clothing store, it was fun. We also got to meet the newest member of our district, who just got in, her name is Sister Griffin, she is really nice. 

On Saturday we were able to meet the new elder when we met for Missionary Coordination Meeting, his name is Elder Scabeland, he is half Japanese. It was a great week.

Sister Brown

Calendars we made for members.

Fruit for District Meeting.

My District.

Vilnius missionaries.

Decorating the sister's apartment.

Easter FHE basket we made for the members this week. I think it turned out pretty cute.

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