Sunday, April 17, 2016

Last Week!!

April 11, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

I will keep this short since I will be seeing everyone in less than a week, I feel like I will have so much to share that everyone will be sick of hearing from me!

On Monday we went to a castle called Trakai. It was in a cute little quaint town on the outside of Vilnius, it was a great treat and we even had to get special permission to go. What a blessing! We were able to go with all of the other missionaries. Unfortunately, we could only see the outside as it is closed on Mondays. In the evening we were able to have Family Home Evening with a family in the branch. They are so nice to invite us over.

On Tuesday we had District Meeting where we were able to begin to watch General Conference in English. I really enjoyed the couple first talks and cannot wait to watch the rest when I get back!

On Wednesday Sister Madison went to Riga for some Mission Leadership training. Sister Bestenlenher, Sister Griffin and I were able to work on my letter that I need to write to President about my mission.

On Friday we had Zone Training in Kaunas. We thought we had our last Zone Training, but apparently, President Harding wanted another one this transfer and he wanted to come. We had a great training, it was fun to travel one last time with the district. On our way there we basically bought every seat on a bus except for like three seats. We have a lot of Vilnius missionaries. In the evening we were able to have another lesson with a different family in our area.

On Saturday and Sunday we watched General Conference in Lithuanian. On Saturday evening the Nuttall's (senior couple) wanted to take us out for dinner before we left, so we went to this really good little French restaurant. It was great, they are so kind and we even met these foreign people who were sitting at a table near by and they were speaking English. They were all young people who were here for an internship at the Embassies for their countries. Then we found out that two of them had stayed with Mormon families in America. It was pretty neat, hopefully they stop by while they are here for a little longer. I love you! I will see you all soon!

Sister Brown


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