Saturday, April 16, 2016

Week 52

January 4, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

On Monday we went to the church to play ping pong with the other missionaries and then watched Johnny Lingo. It was really fun.

On Tuesday we had District Meeting where we are about to finish watching General Conference. We watched the talks by Carol M. Stephens and Allen D. Haynie. The theme was about commandments. I really like how Sister Stephens connected them with love for us and also how we are able to express our love for Heavenly Father. I liked in Elder Haynie's talk about the Atonement and a little bit about why it was necessary. I really like that Sister Bestenlenher's family sent us a General Conference Ensign in her Christmas package, so now I can start to go back and read all of the talks that I really liked. For the rest of District Meeting, Sister Madison talked about how to prepare people for baptism, and Sister Bestenlenher taught us about addiction recovery. One of our commitments was to do this activity in Preach My Gospel where you try to quit a habit that you have for a day, and then after that a week. Then think about how hard it is for someone with an addiction. It was hard to think about what my bad habit could be, some people chose cracking there knuckles, other suggestions were adjusting your glasses and overeating. It is kind of a cool commitment to help us become better.

It has been really cold outside for the last week and we made a mistake on Wednesday that we wouldn't be making again, it has been about -8 degrees farenheight here. We decided one morning to go outside for about 3 hours. We didn't make it the whole 3 hours, we ended up going into a store to warm up for a few minutes, then we knocked on people's doors to get out of the cold. There were definitely people to find during that time, so I am glad we did it. We will just be smarter about that. This is definitely the coldest humid weather I have ever lived in.

On Thursday was New Year's Eve. We had to be in by at least 5 PM, or dark. We went in and we watched these little For the Strength of Youth DVD's we have. They were so good and uplifting, I definitely want to use them in Family Home Evenings when I get home. They are also pretty entertaining. We also decided for the New Year we would try to give up sugar. We gathered all of our candy and things so we could eat it for New Years Eve. It was really hard and I even ended up throwing away some, as well as giving it away to others. I think I will feel better as I don't eat as much sugar. We were told that there would be a ton of fireworks on New Years Eve. They were going off long before even midnight, but at midnight I woke up to watch them and they were literally going off all over in the distance. It was really fun. Sister Bestenlenher was too tired and warm in her bed to come and watch. It was exciting. We went to a baptism on Saturday for an investigator of the elders. Her name is Giedra. She is really sweet and so excited to be baptized.

Sister Brown

Gingerbread dome and scene.

Sister Bestenlenher with her new socks.

"Table of Sacrifice." Going no sugar for the new year.

Ready to go out in the -8 weather with about 5 layers on, we are lookin' chubby.

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