Saturday, April 16, 2016

Week 56

February 1, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was crazy busy and fun. On Monday we got lost on our way to the church to make caramel apples for an elder's birthday. Eventually we found our way there. Then on Tuesday we had District Meeting and right before English class Sister Madison and I met Sister Neeley and Sister Hurbert from Kaunas so Sister Neeley and Madison could go up to Riga for Mission Leadership Council, since they are sister training leaders. Sister Hubert and I got to be together in Vilnius while they were away. Sister Hubert and I then went and taught English class. Then on Wednesday our companions were still in Riga, so we got to teach two lessons, one with an investigator, Arunas, and the other with a really intimidating family in the branch. I was really nervous because I hardly know them and they are really quite scary. I though, "oh maybe they will warm up to us as we get to know each other," but that was not the case. The lesson was about 20 minutes long. Every question I asked to get to know them was answered with a one worded answer, eventually I just ran out of questions to ask. It was good that it was short because then we got to meet with our other investigator, Mandy, at the young single adult family home evening. We watched the Stonecutter, it is really a good movie. Then the sisters were supposed to get back that night but Sister Neeley forgot her passport and made it up there okay, but they would not let her back on the bus to come back to Lithuania. The elders in Kaunas had to send it through the bus mail, then they finally got to head back Thursday morning. On Friday we had to meet Kestutis, who helps us with our immigration work at the immigration office, so I can renew my card that gives me permission to live in Lithuania. We got there and got a number, there were 39 people ahead of us so we decided we would try again on a different day. On Saturday we had the opportunity to participate in some service as a district at the food bank where we unwrapped coffee and then put their sticker on it. It was really fun to talk and work together. After that we had to hurry to the church because the branch historian wanted us to record our stories of why we came on a mission. I was a little nervous I wouldn't be able to express myself well in Lithuania, but it was actually really fun. After that the elders asked us to help in a lesson, so we helped them in a lesson then we went home to eat something. After that we had to head back to the church for missionary coordination and a language though with the other missionaries. It was a very busy week. On Sunday Sister Madison was asked to teach a primary class lesson right before because the teacher wanted to go to the adult class, as it was combined and they were talking about the new area goals. It was fun, the little girls were really cute, there were three of them and two of them are sisters. They range from 8-10 years old. Overall, it was a great week.

Sister Brown

"I ran into this sweet missionary at church in Vilnius today. She seems really happy. I heard she only has a couple more transfers to go. I bet you've been missing her. :)
-Christianne Kendall

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