Sunday, April 17, 2016

Week 58

February 15, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

On Monday, for preparation day, we went to the church and played signs with all of the other missionaries. It was so much fun. I love that game and we can't wait to play again.

On Tuesday we had District Meeting and then right after we went with the Russian speaking missionaries to go out to this lady's house to bring her our books to bind and tell her what we wanted done with them. We took the elders because she actually is Russian and does not understand English or Lithuanian very well. It is always so beautiful and fun to get out of the city and breath some fresh air.

On Wednesday it was my birthday, so Sister Madison made the day really special for me. We went to service in the morning, which was fun as always, the elders gave me a little gift with gummy bears, a lime, and mint flavored soda, some Russian shampoo and this other type of bar that you eat that apparently has the consistency of sawdust. It was really nice of them. Then the sisters, as we were leaving, gave me a cute little cake and we were eating where we were not supposed to be eating it, so we got in a little trouble with the food bank. After service Sister Madison and I went out for a birthday lunch, we went to this restaurant called Vapianos and they sell really good pasta. They make it fresh, right in front of you. On Wednesday night we went to a farewell party for Mindaugas, since he is leaving for his mission next week. Since he is going to the Scotland/Ireland mission, Sister bender made all kinds of delicious traditional food from there. It was a surprise party. It is really neat because the missionaries are kind of like his family who have been helping him along the way, since he is the only member in his family.

On Thursday we were really busy. We were able to visit a member from the Russian branch who we had promised to visit. She told us some really amazing stories from her life. Afterward we went to meet the elders to stop by this man we had found in their area the other night, who we gave a Book of  Mormon to. We were able to talk to him, but he was on his way out to go to the doctor. Afterward the elders invited us to go with them to the orphanage to bring them toys and candy. We went and they were all so cute, they really appreciated the service we were able to give them. Afterward we went and grabbed some dinner at this cool taco place that we wanted to try, but it is never actually open, it just happened to be open when we tried. After we got done eating we heard these people speaking English, so Sister Madison asked where they were from and why they were here. He was from Connecticut and she is from the Ukraine, and he works for the Embassy. We asked if he knew the members that work at the Embassy and he did know them. It was neat, it is always fun to hear an American accent.

On Friday we went and heart-attacked some members who live out in the country, since we made a goal to heart-attack all of our members for Valentine's Day.

On Sunday we had so many visitors at church. We had people from BYU TV to make that film they are filming here. We also had visitors from some students who are doing an internship in Latvia. It is neat, they are all returned missionaries, most from Russia, but also one who served in the Ukraine, and one who served in Latvia. It seems like a fun program. We ran out of translators, there were so many English speakers there, it was great.

Sister Brown

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