Friday, June 19, 2015

Week 20

May 25, 2015

*Week what?...I don't know anymore!!!*

Dear Family and Friends,

Today we had fun in Akropolis (the mall) where I would bring Sister Seaman cute outfits and she would try them on just for fun. It was really fun and I came up with some really cute outfits. Then we got to go to this church called Resurrection Church. It is like the tallest building in Kaunas and you are able to go to the top. It was beautiful, you could see all of Kaunas. It was also really windy so we had to hold our skirts down, it was a lot of fun though. After that we were able to walk around and talk to people. There was this old woman we talked to and she was super sweet, she just kept talking and talking. She felt Sister Seaman's hands and how cold they were when Sister Seaman shook her hand, then while we were standing there she just held on to her hand and was rubbing it because they were so cold. She was sweet, she offered to buy us some food, we finally had to tell her after we had talked for probably 45 minutes that we had to go. When we went to leave we gave her a hug and for some reason, like a Lithuanian, I kissed this sweet old woman on the cheek. I guess I am turning into a Lithuanian after all.

Today we had district meeting where Sister Seaman spoke about listening. It was really good, we were committed to instead of speaking when we normally would, to listen. It is really good and I am excited to practice my listening skills. After, we watched some more General Conference, we watched some really great talks. After district meeting the Elders made ice cream shakes for us, it was really nice of them. We were able to stop by this old woman who had been a past investigator, she was super sweet and invited us in. Her house was super nice and clean and organized. She had all of these clothes hanging up on her deck. She gave Sister Seaman this very interesting dress, she was super sweet. We spoke to her for awhile and she didn't seem too interested in learning about the Gospel, I can see that we might have an in if we keep visiting her and serving her. After that we got to walk in the rain to get home, it was so much fun, I love walking in the rain.

Today we had a language though with Agne from the branch who speaks perfect English. She helped us by having us teach, then she would give us some pointers and help us in the language. After, we go to go serve at Jura's. We finally got to paint, it was so much fun. Afterward, Jura read our future's, it was very interesting. Apparently, I am supposed to marry someone who is fairly rich and I don't have an easy time communicating with others. If I have a feeling that something bad will happen, it will usually happen, so I guess I need to listen to my feelings. I get my energy from others around me.

Today we went on exchanges, I was with Sister Bestenlenher when we were walking, then on one corner we saw a little girl who was maybe 6 or 8 and she started talking to us, we couldn't understand really well, but what we did understand was that her and her family were hungry. She wanted us to come with her to her house, we thought about it and decided it would be okay. We went in and it was just a little shack, her grandmother and two other women were there, they were asking us for money. We told them we didn't have any, then we left. We felt terrible afterward. We decided we would buy some bread and potatoes and drop them at their gate, when we were coming back from the store we saw that someone was buying the little girl food for her family, we were so happy. I hope that it helped them out. It was a difficult situation and we were not quite sure what to do, but I think that is what Jesus would have done.

Today we helped the Elders in a lesson with a long time investigator named Dedona. She was so sweet. We talked about baptism and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Today we were able to have a lesson with Ade, although he was an hour and a half late we were excited to finally have a lesson. It went really well, we were able to talk about some questions he had about our first lesson. Our first lesson was a month ago, so it was good to review and make sure he understands it all.

Today we had a wonderful meeting called District Conference in Vilnius. It was wonderful, we were able to see all of the missionaries and all of our members in other cities. It was so good to see everybody, it was fun, it was like Christmas.

*Since I memorized The Living Christ I try to recite it in my head during the Sacrament to help keep my thoughts focused. If you don't want to memorize it you could even just read it during the Sacrament.

Sister Brown

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