Friday, June 19, 2015

Week 19

Pioneer children sang as they walked, and walked, and walked, and walked, and walked...

May 18, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Today I got to go to Kauno Pilis, which means "the castle of Kauna's." It was really fun. We took a ton of pictures, especially with the dandelions, there are a ton of dandelions here. I think they are quite beautiful. We also went in to this old cathedral. We then went looking for this less active who lives really far out, we weren't sure how to get there since it was over this huge interstate. So we walked in the grass along side the interstate. The whole time I was worried about getting fleas or ticks. We did eventually find him.

Today we had district meeting where Sister Penrose spoke about gratitude. It was really good, she showed us a super cute Mormon Message called, "Moment's that Matter Most." It was really good and makes us stop and notice everything we are grateful for in life. I said I was grateful that I got to stay in Kaunas West with Sister Seaman for another transfer. I also said I was grateful for dandelions. After district meeting we watched General Conference, I really liked Rosemary M. Wixom's talk and the story about the girl who had questions and doubts even though she had grown up in the church. I like how she said to focus on what you know because what you focus on increases. If you focus on what you don't understand, your misunderstanding will increase and your testimony will decrease. Afterward, we had a lesson with Jurga. It was a really good lesson, she was able to really open up about things in the past and her feelings about those things during that time, everyone shed tears. As I sat there in that lesson and I saw all the pain she was in from her past mistakes all I could think about was how much Heavenly Father loves her and how much he wants to take that pain away. She shed a lot of tears over it with us, I can't imagine how much she thinks about it and how much more pain it causes her. I feel like she finally trusts us enough to share all of that. We really didn't plan the lesson to go that way at all, but I think Jurga needed that to realize how much she needs baptism and the Atonement. After our lesson with her we were very sobered, we were heading home when we saw an old lady with two crutches and a bag, we offered to help her. She was super sweet, we walked with her to where she was going. In the evening we went by a less actives house, but they were not home, so we were waiting for the bus when a blind girl that Sister Seaman knows from one of our members came with her grandmother guiding her, she was heading to music class. We got to serve again, her grandmother was staying there and the blind girl was meeting her mother at the stop, so we helped her on the bus and then got to chat with her all the way to her stop, then we helped her get off of the bus. It was a good thing we were there because the bus was very crowded when we got to her stop, I don't know how she would have found her way through all of those people. I was so grateful for all of the service opportunities we had.

Today we got to go serve Jura and help prepare her stairwell for painting. Today we got to sand all of the plaster we put on last time. We also plastered a few more spots while others sealed the sanded plaster. It was really good, I always really enjoy going over there to serve each week. We went out walking tonight where we met three amazingly prepared people, we go their numbers and hopefully we can start meeting with them soon.

Today, at some point while we were out walking, a bird pooped o my bag. I didn't notice till after the fact. It was pretty close, and I was lucky that the bird missed my head. While waiting at a bus stop we saw a giant spider on his web and we saw him move so fast when a bug landed in his web, we saw the spider wrap it all up and everything, it was pretty disgusting. Sister Seaman also kicked a pigeon. So today was really a day full of nature.

Today it was so cold, we were outside walking around, but there were not many people outside to talk to. We ended up going inside and making phone calls and cleaning up our area book. It felt way more effective, especially since we were able to set up a meeting with one of the old investigators on the list. We are super excited. Everyone seems to be having a really hard time making time to meet with us.

Today we had a Young Women's activity where I had to prepare a spiritual though. We were going to make lasagna with them, but no Young Women showed up, so we ended up just making it with Kamila, who is the counselor, then planning which Sunday's we would be teaching. I have to teach tomorrow, I am super nervous. After, we had a lesson with the man that we had called yesterday, but he ended up not showing up.

Today I had to prepare for my lesson for the Young Women, but no Young Women ended up showing up, which was unfortunate because I was really excited about my lesson. We had a return missionary and his family in Sacrament Meeting today, they are from Utah. He had to bear his testimony after not speaking Lithuanian for 5 years, that is a really long time. He did really good though. In Relief Society things got a little heated over a disagreement. One of our members has some real testimony issues and we had an investigator in there with us, I hope she is not scared off. We made cute little shoes out of paper and shoe attacked the other sister's door, it was so cute.

I just started the Book of Mormon for the second time on my mission. I am on the part about Nephi and his family arriving in the Promised Land. As I read I am marking everything that has to do with faith. I really notice how much faith Nephi had, even when everyone else, even his father, were doubting and fearing.

Sister Brown

Shoe attack!!

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