Friday, June 19, 2015

Week 18

May 11, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Today we deep cleaned our apartment, we have apartment inspections this week. We cleaned so good, it looks great.

Today we watched a few talks from General Conference. I really liked M. Russell Ballard's talk in the Priesthood session to missionaries, or soon-to-be missionaries, or return missionaries. "RM does not mean retired Mormon." I thought it was so funny and so true. Right then I made a plan for when I get home, that I make sure I am balanced and healthy by doing something for myself that is for my spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional health. I wrote down ideas of things I could do each day. So now I will have less time to waste when I get home because I will make sure I fulfill each need, each day. Today I also went on exchanges with Sister Bestenlenher. We went to the hospital to visit one of their previous investigators. We were in there looking of her room and we had taken off our tags so that we wouldn't get in trouble, then Sister Bestenlenher thought we should put them on before we went into her room so she would know who we are. So Sister Bestenlenher had hers out in her hand when a nurse asks us what we are doing there, then she grabs Sister Bestenlenher's tag and looks at it and then tells us to leave. So we leave and after searching for another way in we decide to call the woman we are supposed to be visiting. She ended up coming down and talking with us outside. She was super sweet and showed us pictures from when she was younger.

We had a lesson with the Elders today, it was my first time teaching in front of the Elders and I was so nervous. Today we had our cleaning inspections and we passed. Thanks, Mom, for teaching me how to clean well. Like true Lithuanians we served them cookies and tea.

Today Sister Seaman, who was in Riga training as Sister Training Leader, returned.

Today we went to Vilnius for zone training where I had to teach a 5 minute section about extending commitments. I was so super nervous. It was a really good zone training, they asked several people to each and it was really good to hear from other missionaries.

Today Sister Bestenlenher and I were together again, and this time for her cleaning inspections. We made the senior couple breakfast, which I think they really appreciated.

Today was Mother's Day in America, so of course I got to Skype my family. This morning Sister Seaman made German pancakes, which were delicious, and I made tortilla chips for my first time, they turned out pretty good. We ate them with chili before we Skyped our families, it was super delicious. It was super good to see our families.

Sorry it is short this week, not too much happened.

Sister Brown

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