Saturday, April 18, 2015

Week 14

April 13, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Today was my first preparation day with Sister Seaman and it was really fun. Our area is beautiful! We got to walk around a little bit in the old town and it looks like something out of a movie or a picture, it is beautiful. We went to this restaurant called Forto Dvaras where they serve traditional Lithuanian food. I ate Blynai, which is just potato pancakes, they were delicious. We got to visit a member's house tonight, their names are Valdas and Kamilla. Veldas is so cool, he is the branch mission president and Kamilla is a Young Women's advisor.

Today Sister Seamn and Penrose, who are the sister training leaders, left Sister Bestenlenher and I alone in our area. We will be together until Friday night. It is pretty interesting since we both just got out of training and don't really know what we are doing. Sister Bestenlenher knows a little better than I do since she had to do this with Sister Madison throughout their training. I was pretty nervous, especially, I don't know how to get around in our area at all. We were able to teach Sister Penrose and Sister Bestenlenher's English class, that was fun.

Last night the elders called and asked if we could help out in a lesson they have today, and now we have to teach with them in Lithuanian. We were so nervous all day, ten about an hour before she had cancelled so we got out of that one. I was so nervous. We also got to have a lesson with Jurga over Skype, which went really well. We got to have a lesson with our new investigator, Ade, who is Nigerian, who is here for studies. That was in English, so I wasn't quite as nervous for it.

Today we had to go to the bank and try to open a bank account for me. We asked a member whose name is Agne to come with us and help us, she speaks English really well. We went and they said it may take up to 3 days to set it up and we needed it set up for tomorrow. We had to figure something else out. I guess that Lithuania owes me money for the complications with my application, the only way they can pay me that is through a bank account. Kestutis, who is the member who helps the missionaries with their immigration sent me his information so they can send it to his account. Tomorrow will be interesting. Sister Bestenlenher and I have to go to immigration and this tax place all by ourselves and try to communicate what we need. We will see what happens and we will pray that we will be able to understand them.

Today Sister Bestenlenher and I got to go to Siauliai and finish some immigration work. It was a crazy day, we had to walk back and forth a lot between immigration and tax inspection to try and get reimbursed. It was so good to be back in Siauliai, it felt like home. I was excited Sister Bestenlenher got to see Siauliai for the day. Kaunas is a lot different than Siauliai. Kaunas is a little overwhelming with all the people and everyone hurrying everywhere. They are not quite as friendly as in Siauliai. In Siauliai you can say hello and they will say it back and smile, but not in Kaunas, they just ignore you and keep walking. I am sure I will get used to it. Being away from Sister Seaman for these few days is really helping me stretch and become better. I am getting better at bus contacting and I am starting to understand more.

Today we got to watch conference. It was a long day of trying to listen to the Lithuanian and understand it. My head felt like it was going to explode after the first session. It was so warm today, I am excited it is beginning to look like Spring.

Today we had conference again, we made muffins and cookies to bring to share. It was fun. We also made a healthy eating plan for the next transfer. I am pretty excited about it, I really think it will help me feel better and healthier. We are pretty much only going to buy produce tomorrow while grocery shopping.

*Nothing specifically happened that made him decide to take us out, he had just been thinking about it for awhile now. Everything is good, I am safe and happy. I do miss Siauliai, though. We got to go back to finish up some things with immigration and it felt like I was home. I know that Kaunas will begin to feel more like home as I spend more time here. I already love the members. Kaunas is quite large and easy to get lost in, all of the people are super busy and not very friendly. Sister Seaman is wonderful, she is such a good missionary, she has been out for almost a year and will go home in October. She is really good at being clean and eating really healthy, which is great. She is teaching me good habits that way, as well as good missionary habits, as well as the language. I feel like all of the other sisters in the mission are afraid of the language, but not Sister Seaman. All we bought today for groceries was produce. We will basically only be eating maybe a green smoothie and half a grapefruit for breakfast, lunch we will just stir fry some vegetables and maybe potatoes in coconut oil, then the same for dinner. I might be hungrier for a few days, but we are not eating chocolate, bread, cheese, or sauces like ketchup or mayo. We will eat chicken, but not really red meat so much. The apartment is great, maybe not as nice as the last one, but it has a great view of this really cute walking street that can be quite noisy at night when we are trying to go to sleep, but I am getting used to it. It is also quite bright in our room in the night because of the lights on the street. I love it though, it is fun to people watch. I will send you pictures. We got to watch General Conference on Saturday and Sunday. It was really hard to pay attention when I couldn't really understand it that well. I found out that we get to watch some of it in English on Tuesday, so I am super excited for that. I am also excited to read them next month. In between the morning and afternoon session of conference on Sunday we had someone just walk in off the street, her name was Kristina and she was super nice. She wanted to see Sister Seaman's Book of Mormon and while we sat there watching General Conference she read the introduction and the testimonies in the beginning. She went to leave and Sister Seaman gave it to her. She was sweet, I hope she continues to read the Book of Mormon. We really do have the best family! Thank you for everything you do for me. I loved your package, I finally got it on Thursday. Sister Seaman also loved it. Those scarves are way cute. Thank you!

I know that the Gospel has blessed my life and I know that it will bless the lives of all of these people her in Lithuania. I am so excited for when I can feel less restricted by the language and just freely speak about the Gospel all day, everyday!

Sister Brown

 Sister Bestenlenher and I.

 Sister Seaman and I with our new scarves.

 Cute Easter things.

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