Saturday, April 18, 2015

Week 13

April 6, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Today we go to go to the Hill of Crosses. It was one of the worst days we could have chosen to go, it was freezing, but it was really fun. The wind was blowing and it was raining, we had to walk 2.5 miles total in it. It was really fun, but all my pictures look like I just took a shower.

Last night we received a call about our transfers right before bed, we were so excited after we got them we couldn't sleep. I am being transferred to Kaunas and I will now be companions with Sister Seaman and Sister Hoskin is finally being transferred away from Siauliai after serving there for a year. She will be going to Klaipeda serving with Sister Madison. There will no longer be sisters serving in Siauliai. I am so blessed to have served there before they closed it to sisters. We had our last district meeting with our district and we all were able to bear our testimonies. Then we found out that maybe we wouldn't be leaving Siauliai as soon as we though because immigration had not accepted my visa application yet, so we had to wait and find out what was going on with that. We had to wait around and not know what was going to happen. We went around and said goodbye to all of the members.

Today we are still in Siauliai waiting to hear about what will happen with immigration. We were able to stop by some more member's houses and we also got to go to the youth activity which was bowling, it was super fun. I can now say I have bowled in tights.

Today we finally got to go to our areas. We had to go to immigration and figure everything out. After that we got the okay to leave Siauliai. We traveled to Kaunas where we all spent the night, then Sister Madison and Sister Hoskin left early the next morning. Kaunas is a lot bigger than Siauliai, but it is also beautiful. I am a little nervous, but I think it will be great, I fell like I am going to be stretched and will grow a lot more. Sister Seaman is excellent at the language, so I am hoping I will learn so much from her.

Today was my first whole day in Kaunas. The buses here are crazy and it is super hard to find your way around, but we had a service project to clean up the outside of the church. I met a few of the members there, so it was really fun.

Today we had two baptisms in Kaunas, one was Vytautas and the other is Nigerian and his name is Ade. They were so good and the first time I got to attend a baptism in Lithuania. Before the baptisms we got to help the other sisters teach a lesson to Ade and he brought his Nigerian friend who is also named Ade who is not a member. It looks like Sister Seaman and I will get to teach him since he lives in our area. Ade already has a lot of faith, he knows the Bible so well. It was really exciting. We also had a district meeting with President and Sister Harding since they came for the baptisms and were staying for church the next day. It was a really good district meeting.

Today was super good, it was my first Sunday in Kaunas so I got to meet a lot of new people and I also got to sing in their choir for their special Easter program. It was really good, they have so many members. It is going to be really hard to get to know them all. They were all really nice. We are also the Young Women's presidency, so we were in Young Women's, it was really fun. There are three young women, although, only two of them were there. We had a really delicious Easter dinner with the senior couple, they had invited us over and it was super delicious. The two Ade's also came, when we were leaving we all took the same bus. Sister Seaman invited the baptized Ade to come and do missionary work with her, he was a little hesitant, but he went with her to talk to this man. It was so good, then, at Ade's bus stop, that man got off the bus too and Ade continued to talk to him. Super neat, he will make a great missionary.

*They took the sisters out of Siauliai because it was a little dangerous, we had some very interesting things happen, but don't freak out, I am completely safe. Everything is new, I kind of wished I could have stayed in Siauliai a little longer, I felt like I was just getting the hang of things. I was also a little nervous to be with Sister Seaman, she is sort of intimidating to me, but she is super nice and way good at the language.

Sister Brown

 English class.

 The front of Siaullai's church.

 District meeting (left to right): Me, Sister Hoskin, Elder Armstrong, Elder Aidukiaitis, Elder Norman.

 Matias, Magnus and I.



 Elene and I.

 Jolanta and I.

 Jurgita and I.

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