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Week 12

March 30, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Today was so much fun. We took our preparation day today since we weren't able to have it on Monday because we went to Kedaniai to visit our investigator, Jurga. Today we were able to go to this beautiful house called the Chaimo Frenkello Vila. This house is closed on Monday's so we were excited to have this opportunity. It only cost 3 euros for both of us to tour the house. It was neat, they had these cool translators for us where we type in the number that we are at and it tells us about it. There were lot's of old paintings with really neat stories behind them. It was beautiful, I felt like I was in Pride and Prejudice. After that we were able to go and visit Irena and gave her the pictures that we had taken with her. She was so cute, she just goes on and on about them and how beautiful they are. She had Sister Hoskin write on the backs of them, then she gave us each a kiss on the forehead. Lithuanians are very touchy and kiss people. Jolanta also gives us many kisses whenever we give her something. It is so sweet, I really like it.

Today we had a lesson at Skaiste's house with Jurga over Skype. It was so good, we had planned to talk to her about personal revelation and commit her to praying about marrying her boyfriend. I really think having Skaiste there for that lesson was important. Skaiste can relate, she has had to make many changes in her life and she prayed about marrying her husband and they both have young children. Skaiste was able to talk to her about the importance of this decision and got her thinking about talking to him about the church and about what she wants in her future. It was a really good lesson. We also did some stop by's today, we got on the wrong bus, so we did stop by's in that area instead of the area we had planned, but the Lord knew we were not on the wrong bus. We went to this one door, she didn't answer, so then we knocked on her neighbor's door and we ask about her and if she lived there. She was so nice, we talked about the Gospel a little bit and she seemed interested, but had things to do. She gave us her phone number and sounded like she was interested in meeting. This is becoming a very common occurrence, just miracle after miracle. We then had our English class where Romas, one of our students, had a questions about the reading and I thought, "wow, he finally did the commitment." We can never get him to do the commitments, so I tried to answer his questions, but he is always trying to argue with us and tell us that these things are not true. I just had to testify that it is true and walk away. He really is super sweet, I wish his heart would be softened toward the Gospel rather than trying to disprove it all of the time.

Today we were able to have a lesson with Jovita, she was so sweet. She has a book where all of the missionaries write a cute little note to her. She gave me it to write in, she must know that transfers are coming. Our lesson was about Easter and we gave her links to make a chain with a scripture on each link, there are just enough to do one a day until Easter and the scriptures are about events leading up to and about the Resurrection. I think it will be fun for her to do. Before we went to Jovita's we had to go to center to send some paperwork. On the way back we were walking down Vilniaus Gatve, which is a cute walking street with stores and things and we saw a man with a megaphone and all of these people dressed up and acting, it was so fun to see. There was a lot of excitement in the air.

Today we got permission to go to Klaipeda with our Relief Society sisters for a Relief Society birthday activity. First we went to the church and we met the Relief Society sisters in Klaipeda and we ate some delicious food. Then we all got to go to this placed called the Dolphinarium where we had to take the ferry to the sliver that is separated by the sea, then we saw a show with dolphins. It was not quite what I expected, but it was definitely interesting and fun. It was a Lithuanian TV show called "Delphiniai ir Zvaigdzes," which means Dolphins and the Stars. They had Lithuanian celebrity judges and maybe the performers were stars as well, I am not sure, but it was pretty much like dancing with the stars except they would perform with the dolphins. It was very interesting, they had hosts and everything. They even had a musical group perform, I think it was called Mango, it was one Lithuanian group. It was really fun though. It was such a long day, we had to leave for the bus station at 6:45 and we didn't get back until 9:00 PM. We are exhausted from trying to understand Lithuanian all day, but it was completely worth it.

Today we taught our last primary class. We are pretty positive that all sisters will be transferred out of Siauliai, they will only have 2 sets of elders rather than one set of sisters and one set of elders. They opened another sisters apartment in Klaipeda, so they will have two sets of sisters there. I am a little nervous, I don't know where I will be and who I will be with yet, but we will find out Tuesday. We just tried to take tons of pictures with all of the members today.

I feel like I am really catching on to the language, the other day we had a lesson with Jurga over Skype with Skaiste, our member, and I didn't have any time to prepare for the language part of it, I was so scared. I had no idea what I was going to say before hand, but I was able to do it and speak in complete sentences with some help from Skaiste, she speaks English really well. Sister Hoskin is really good at the language, she still doesn't know everything, but she can speak enough to get her messages across. The young people know a lot of English, but the older ones, which there are a lot in Siauliai, don't know much but maybe a few words.

Sister Brown

Vilniaus Gatve Celebration

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