Thursday, January 1, 2015

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Dear Family and Friends,

Here it is, I got this typing thing for Christmas that stores all of everything I type, and then I can download it on to the computer. It is very neat and makes things easier when it comes time to email, thanks Mom and Dad. :)

So, here is my week:

It's Christmas!!! I wasn't quite sure what this was for, but now I have got it figured out. This is such a good idea. I always forget something that has happened during the week, and I remember right after my email time is over. After we finished opening gifts Sister Hubert and I went to choir practice so we could perform the devotional. We sang "Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer." It is a beautiful song. Then, for the devotional we heard from Russell M. Nelson. That was amazing, I love that here at the MTC we get to hear from apostles occasionally. After that was done we went and had a Christmas lunch, we then went and watched a talent show. Some were fairly impressive. After the talent show we got to wait for our moment to call home. When we were about to head over to the computer lab to call I see a girl who just got done talking to her family and she was crying, so then I started getting all nervous about crying and of course, I cry throughout the whole call. I was really glad I got to call though, too bad the time was so short. After we finished calling we ate our sack dinners and then we went to the evening Christmas program, which consisted of some caroler people who sounded really good, and then Mary's Story. Mary's Story would have been really good, but I was falling asleep because we had a sleepover the night before with the other sisters from our district, because they got locked out of their room. We ended up staying up talking until 1:30 AM, so I was falling asleep. It was just a story from Mary, Jesus' mother's, perspective on his birth and life. After that we watched a movie, Ephraim's Rescue, which I love. They gave us Junior Mint's, it was fun.

So, today we played the Skittle game, which was super fun. Then, afterward, Sister Harris had a "drinking" game she called "Mormon, Mormon" where we had to drink water, not a lot, but it was a race. Things got a little wild, and it got a little loud, then the Armenian teacher, whose classroom is next door came in and we got in trouble. It didn't look too good since we looked like we were playing a drinking game. Right after that we began to study and it was silent inner room, overall, it was a fun night besides getting into trouble.

Today was harder, I didn't sleep much last night, then this morning I woke up with a sore throat, then throughout the day I increasingly worsened. By dinner I was achy, my throat hurt, I had a headache, and I was having cold chills. I had no appetite, so I didn't eat anything. Instead of going to gym I took a nap and I felt a little better by the time I woke up and went to class. I hope I am not sick or this whole week is going to be very difficult.

Today at the temple walk we spoke with the Elder from Lithuania. It is fun because he speaks to us in Lithuanian, sometimes he tells us about Lithuania. Then, I took one last picture with Elder Lungu (Moldavian Elder), because he leaves tomorrow for Australia. Tonight for our devotional we heard from Richard Elliot, he plays the organ for the Tabernacle Choir. He played a few songs for us, it was amazing! Then, we heard...wait for it...DAVID ARCHULETTA. That was equally amazing, he is such an amazing singer, it was super spiritual.

Today was good, I feel like I accomplished a lot. Elder Haag in my district gave me some cut outs for a plan of salvation lesson. He seemed to be super excited about it. Sister Fish, our teacher, reads the emails she receives from the Lithuanian missionaries. She read one and he was talking about how they are preparing for the new missionaries. That's us!!!! I am so excited. We practiced bus contacting in class with Brother Erickson. I can already tell that is going to be super challenging.

Today we had a devotional, it was really good. I did a test packing to make sure I would be okay for weight.

Today was good, but a little sad because, first, we found out that one of the Latvian sisters who has been having issues with her shin has a stress fracture and has to stay here at the MTC for three more weeks. It is so sad, I would be super upset if that happened to me. Mom, this is the sister who really loved your pumpkin chocolate cookies, so I was thinking, if you have time in the next few weeks, will you make her some and send them to her? I think those cookies will help her feel loved while she has to be left behind. Later that day, we learned that the Latvians would not be traveling with us because they did not receive their passports back from SLC, so they have to stay for an extra week. I am super bummed we won't be traveling with them, or arriving with them, they are our friends. We had a little New Years party in our classrooms where we played charades and ate food, it was super fun.

Here are our pictures from our temple walk in the rain, and our temple walk in the snow. I have pictures with the Lithuanian missionary who is here at the MTC going to South Africa. I also have pictures with my Moldavian friend who left Monday to go to Australia.

 Sister T (we don't know how to say her name, so we call her Sister T), she is from New Zealand and was headed out on Monday for Indonesia. She was super awesome. :)

Our Lithuanian friend.

My Moldavian friend.

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