Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Week 7

February 23, 2015

Today was really fun. We went to this old cathedral that is huge. You can almost see it anywhere you are in the city. After that we had some time before we met the Elders for lunch, so we went down to this bakery that Gitana works at and got a bundle, which is just a pastry with some type of filling. It was delicious. We usually get two different kinds and split them so we can try both. Then we met the Elders for lunch at a Chinese restaurant. It was good. When we got home we still had an hour to relax, plus the sun was out all day today, it was wonderful. Everyone is so much nicer and willing to listen when the sun is out, plus it was a holiday today and there was no school, and everyone was just in good moods. I cannot wait for summer when people are like this all of the time.

Today I had to give a deep doctrine thought in District Meeting. This was my first time ever presenting deep doctrine, so I didn't know exactly how it was supposed to go, but I asked Sister Hoskin what she thought I should do it about and she suggested something from her reading in the book of Revelations. So I did it on the book of life. I was worried the deep doctrine thought would be me just presenting what I learned about it, and then maybe no one would have anything to add to it, but it actually went really well and we got a really good discussion going about it. Then Elder Norman spoke about Christlike attributes, he committed us to working on an attribute that maybe we have never worked on. We have a strong focus on gaining and always working toward gaining Christlike attributes. We read in 3 Nephi 12:48 about becoming perfect as he is. I really liked this because lately I have been having this internal battle of who I am. I guess I don't want to become a missionary robot, but while we were talking about this I realized that this is a commandment, to become perfect, and the only way I can accomplish that is by giving my will up and letting the refiners fire take over and make me more perfected in Him. I cannot let my stubbornness get in the way of letting this opportunity I have to become better and let Heavenly Father help me become a better person. We talked about how sometimes this goal of becoming perfect is one that seems impossible, but He has given us everything we need to reach the goal. He has given us time, talents, and His help.

Today we were able to stop by this less active's house, her name is Egle and she has the most adorable seven year old daughter named Neta. She is really nice, but we found out today she really doesn't know anything about the Gospel. We started talking to her and we actually don't know if she is even baptized, even though she is on our member lists. We gave her a restoration pamphlet and asked her to read it before the next time we came over. She doesn't even have a Book of Mormon, so we will definitely be having a few more lessons with her. We also had a lesson with Jovita where we made thank you cards for people so she can show appreciations for things that people do for her. It was a good day.

Today we went to stop by a less active's house named Gintautas. He wasn't home, but his mother and father were there, they were just a sweet older couple. We asked for his phone number and she told us to come in so she could call him for us and give us the phone. It was sweet. After that we just talked with them, they were so kind and touchy. The Lithuanian people love to touch. Their names are Alexandara and Robertas. They seemed super interested in learning more about the church so we asked if we could come back and teach them. They said we could and they said they were there all the time so we could come back anytime. I am super excited, they were so sweet. She was feeding us chocolate and candy and tea. Super sweet. We also had English class where we had two new students, they were super good at English.

Today we had a few lessons planned but they both fell through. We ended up doing a lot of knocking on door, but it was great. We were able to go to this part of town during the day and it was beautiful, the sun was shining and usually we only go there at night, and it is pretty sketchy at night. It was nice to be there during the day. We knocked on some doors, which we also don't usually do during the day, and the nicest older people were home, they were so sweet.

Today we got to go to Klaipeda again, for zone training this time. We went by bus to get there and we returned by train. My first train ride ever, it was super fun. The training was really good, the zone leaders spoke about diligence, which was super good. We split into groups and were assigned a scripture, our scripture was Doctrine and Covenants 10:3-4. In our group we talked about how easy it is to begin something and be excited about it, but it is a lot harder to finish things, especially with the same excitement from the beginning. The sister training leaders spoke about what we spoke about in the sister's training meeting we had a few weeks back. They talked about correction, service, and gratitude. Mostly relating all of those topics within our districts. They had us get into our districts so we could express gratitude, like this specifically, and I would recommend expressing gratitude like this more often. 1. Be specific, 2. Express how it makes you feel, 3. What was the positive result. It really is more sincere when you can apply these steps. While we were traveling we spent a lot of time talking about this numbering system that Sister Hoskin loves, it is a book called Dressing Your Truth by Carol Tuttle. I don't even need to read the book because Sister Hoskin knows it so well. She tells me I am a 3, and how she talks about 3's sounds just like me. It is super interesting, it really helps you get to know a person just by looking at them. She has even looked at all of your pictures and told me what your numbers are.

Today when we taught primary Matias and Magnus were the most reverent I have ever seen them. They are so cute and they adore Sister Hoskin. Sister Hoskin loves it. She is also studying to become an elementary school teacher. I also got to help Gitana enter the visiting teaching companionships into the computer. Since the program is English she needed help assigning them in the program, so my calling before my mission as a Visiting Teaching Coordinator came in handy already.

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