Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Week 6

February 16, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Today was really good. When we went grocery shopping we really made an effort to buy less junk and only buy healthier snacks. I think it will be a good week. We then went onto this really cute walking street with all of these stores and things, the street is called Vilnaus. We went and ate this really good panini sandwich at this really cute sandwich place, then we went shopping. It was fun, we just mostly browsed. Sister Hoskin bought boots because hers are falling apart, then we went and got bandeles at this place that Gitana works at, and we even saw her there. I got one that looked like a turnover with carmel filling, and Sister Hoskin got one with curd filling. I also got this milk that they warm up and add flavoring to, it was really good. We then went into this cute little shop where everything is made by hand, it is really cute, they have jewelry and hair accessories, pins, and all kinds of super cute things. Sister Hoskin bought me a leather bracelet for my birthday. It is super cute.

Today was really amazing. First of all, God said Happy Birthday by giving me the sun. I have not seen that much sun since I have been here. The sun shone literally all day. I just sat on our couch where the sun was shining in and it was so warm I actually got hot! Then, Sister Hoskin made me pancakes, then I opened my package from home and it was so cute. I loved all of the little hearts with all of the cute notes and the box, so cute. I also love my new bracelets, and those cupcakes were a great idea. Thank you so much, Mom, and all your effort to make my birthday great! Then we went to District Meeting where the Elders sang Happy Birthday to me, then we had district meeting which was super good. Afterward we ate brownies, which Edler Armstrong made for my birthday. We came home and Sister Hoskin made a birthday lunch, which was nachos, they were delicious. I just relaxed and hung up all of my hearts that were in the package I received that had cute little notes from everybody. Then I blew out my candles on cute little hostess cupcakes. All throughout the day I was receiving telephone calls from everyone in the zone. It was a very good day. I was a little worried, but it was wonderful. Plus, English class was amazing. We had a new student, he is a younger guy, and he actually even gave us a prayer, it was amazing. We had watched the Restoration, and in his prayer he said "thank you for Joseph Smith and thank you for the Sisters," it was amazing.

Today was so good, we were able to go over to see Kristupas and Laura, who are Jehovah's Witnesses, but are the nicest people. They have been friends of the missionaries for a really long time. They are expecting their first child in about a week. They are so nice, they actually prefer to speak English with us, so I was able to understand what was going on. We had a lot of fun, first they made us this fake coffee stuff that didn't taste too bad, then they gave us some of these cookies that Laura had made, they are super healthy people, and really natural, so they were made with carrots and other things and they were super delicious. Then we sang some Christian songs while Kristupas played the guitar. It was really fun, then Kristupas wanted to do drama reading of the Bible, where we acted out a few stories from the Bible. It was in Lithuanian, but gave me all of the easiest parts, so it wasn't too bad. Sister Hoskin and I decided it was something we needed to incorporate into our companionship study. After that he showed us some of his wedding photos, they have almost been married for a year. Their first kiss was when they were married, they are so cute and so good, they might as well be baptized. They obey all of the commandments, they keep the Sabbath Day hole, they believe in the law of chastity, and the Word of Wisdom. They are super spiritual people, they really love the Bible, and he loves talking with those he works with about his beliefs. Really, we don't know why he has never been baptized, they called him the eternal investigator. He told me to bring my family photos to show them, so I showed them my photos. Then he had us sing a song for them and he recorded it. Then we finished with a song together. They are so sweet, and super easy to talk to.

Today we brought heart shaped sugar cookies that we made to our English class. They seemed to like them. I also received a giant grapefruit for a birthday gift from one of our students. It was really sweet, but I did have to lug it around for the rest of the night.

We went over to Skaiste's today so she could help us with our primary bulletin board. It was a good thing we had her help because she had all of these cute things, like buttons and little starts, that we wouldn't have had. The board turned out so cute, I am glad we had her help. I was also telling her about the giant grapefruit I had received and she told us it was actually called a pamelo or something like that, and told me how to eat it. I went home and ate it, it was so delicious. We went to Jovita's and she gave me a cute little birthday present that had lotion, a pen, a cute little key chain, and a hair barrette. It was super sweet of her to think of me, she even called me on my birthday. We went and heart attacked Jane's door, and almost got caught, but we were too sneaky. We also got to go help Gitana buy the treats for tomorrow's activity. After we bought them we went to the church to help her decorate and get ready. We then heart attacked President Aidukaitis's door. It was fun.

Today we had a new missionary training meeting in Klaipeda. It was really fun to see Klaipeda, it is so beautiful. I love traveling around here and being able to see the country side. The meetings was short, so we tried to hurry home because we had an activity we wanted to make it back for, but we ended up having to wait awhile at the bus station. While we waited we got to get to know the new senior couple from Canada serving in Kaunas. We made it to the activity. For the activity we read Isaiah 43 individually, then we wrote letter to ourselves to remind us of the things in the chapter when we were feeling alone, unloved, or sad. Gitana gave us cute little Valentine's gifts, that was really sweet of her.

Today I got to teach the main part of primary, it was really fun. We thought they were going to be wild, but luckily their mom was in there with us and they were really good and not as crazy when she was in there. We talked about them being children of God, then they colored crowns that I had made for them, it was super cute. They seemed to really enjoy it.

 Sister Hoskin and I.

 Silly faces.


 Shoe tree.

 My party dress for my birthday.

 Valentine's Day decorations...

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