Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Week 25

June 29, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Today we went to this really delicious crepe place where I got a banana and nutella crepe. Then we went to the young single adult FHE, it was really fun. We played this blanket game where we had two different teams and we both stood on either side of the blanket and then when the blanket drops you have to say the other person's name before they say yours. It is really fun, when we were going around saying everyone's names, I almost said my first name, it was super embarrassing. Then we played Matthew, Luke and John, which is quite difficult in Lithuanian, and partly in English. Then we went home and we waited and we waited for transfer calls. I was so nervous I started singing while we waited. Finally we got a call from the assistants to the president, which was weird because usually the district leaders call and let us know. Sister Seaman is going to Vilnius with Sister Soosalu, and I will be going from Kaunas West to Kaunas North with Sister Penrose. I am excited to be with Sister Penrose, I think we will get along great, I am also sad to not be with Sister Seaman anymore, we really got along great.

Today we had our last district meeting with Elder Hanson, who was going home and as a district. I spoke about hope and I actually really enjoyed studying about it. I read in True to the Faith about hope and it said that sometimes in the world people use the word hope with uncertainty. For example, I hope it doesn't rain. In the Gospel we use hope as a sure thing. I liked how in Ether 12:4 it compares hope to an anchor to the soul. I really like that because if you think about an anchor and what it does, it holds the ship in place so it can't drift far. Without hope we will drift away without even realizing it. After district meeting we pretty much spent the day packing and cleaning so that we could go to our new areas tomorrow. It is really sad because West will be closed for a little while because we don't have enough missionaries.

Today we traveled to our new areas. I didn't have too far to travel by taxi, but Sister Seaman went to the bus stop to meet Sister Bestenlenher and Sister Penrose. Sister Bestenlenher will also be serving in Vilnius. I got unpacked and settled in.

Today we went to have Gospel Discussions, but no one came so Sister Bruce (Senior Sister) took the opportunity to practice for Primary. She is in charge of singing time in Primary and she also teaches a short part. Sister Penrose plays the piano for her and Sister Bestenlenher was a voice to help her. So now I get to be the voice. We practiced and then after we had a lesson with this man named Juozas who has quite a large, bushy beard.

Nothing much happened on Friday and Saturday, we talked with a lot of people. Today we had our first Sunday together. Elder Aidukiatis, who just got done with his mission, came to Sacrament meeting with his parents. It was so neat to meet his parents. We almost had to translate since Elder Armstrong, who would translate, had to speak. Thank goodness for Elder Aidukiatis, he translated for us. After Sacrament meeting we got to go to Primary and help Sister Bruce with the music. It was really fun. After church the Branch President asked to speak with us and he asked Sister Penrose to be the YW President and she said she would, but that he should know that she leaves in August. so guess who gets to be YW President now? Yes, me. I am super nervous. It is a big responsibility when you speak English, but now I feel like my language skills will really be put to the test with going to Branch Council and telling them what we need for YW. We also will be working in Kaunas West instead of North. Hopefully  we don't have to move again. There are more people in West. It was a great week and I am excited to be with Sister Penrose.

Sister Brown

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