Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 9

March 9, 2015

Dear Family and Friends:

Today we tried a Statdog for the first time, it is just a hot dog that everyone said was so good and we needed to try it. It was actually pretty good. We took a taxi because we didn't know where the place was where you get them, all I know was that it was at a gas station called Statoil. We asked him to take us to Statoil and he didn't know what that was, so then we asked him to take us to Saules Miestas (a mall) because we had seen a Statoil on the way to Saules Miestas before. we saw it on the way and we were like right here, and then he understood what we had been saying before. It was kinda funny.

Sister Hoskin made this delicious pie for district meeting today, it was apple. We had to hurry out without even trying it to make it to an appointment, it was really sad, then the woman did not even show up so we missed out on pie for nothing. In District Meeting Sister Hoskin spoke about questions and listening. We read John 11 and talked about how Jesus is the best friend anyone can have. Elder Aidukiatis spoke about loving yourself. We read Doctrine & Covenants 107:99-100 and he asked what connections can you make between loving yourself and our duty. I thought about it and realized that loving ourselves is part of our duty. Our body and our personality are not ours, they are gifts, and therefore we have a duty to love them and take care of them.

Today we were able to meet with our branch member, Birute. I always love going over to her house. She loves to chat and help us knit and she always feeds us the most delicious foods. She also gave us a lot of advice for our future families. She is very wise and I love to learn from her. We also took her some clothes that were left in our apartment and she absolutely loved them. We went over to Jovita's today and she was doing good, Sister Hoskin braided her hair for her. I think she really enjoyed that. Her brother came in the door and she stopped and was waiting for him to come in and see her hair, but he went straight to his room. She was cute and it was super sweet for Sister Hoskin to do that for her.

Today we were able to go with Birute to her mother's house and have a little lesson with her mom. She was the sweetest old lady. We know that she probably won't be able to be baptized in this life because she is very old, but we can still share spiritual thoughts with her. We are going to go over once a week and clean her floors. I am excited for the service opportunity.

Today we made a delicious apple cake thing, it was super yummy. Gitana helped us and we are going to be taking it to a less active member's house who lives just outside Siauliai tomorrow. We also got to visit one of our more recent converts tonight, her name is Jolanta and her son, who is about 14, is named Armenis. They are so sweet. We have been wanting to meet with her for a really long time, but she works so much and overtime we would go over there she would not be there. We got there and knocked and we saw that they were about to eat dinner, but they made us come in and eat some of their dinner, they are so nice. We felt really bad for eating their dinner. It was really good, though. She really needed the visit, she is having a little bit of a hard time. I hope we are able to meet with her again soon. She is super sweet, she loves to kiss our cheeks and hug.

Today we went to Silenai, which is a small country town just like 15 minutes away by train. We have a less active who lives there named Asta, she has like 8 children. We didn't call beforehand to make an appointment because her phone number was not working. She could't really meet with us today, so we talked to her for like 15 minutes and gave her the apple cake we had made for her yesterday. Then we had to go wait for like an hour and a half for the next train to take us back to Siauliai. When we got back to Siauliai we helped Gitana deep clean the church. It was really fun, I enjoyed it. We stopped by Aldona's house this evening and she was home so we had a lesson with her, after she had been avoiding us for a few months now we saw this coming, but Sister Hosking invited her to be baptized and she said that she doesn't plan on changing churches. So that is that. It is a bummer, but not surprising, she has met with many different missionaries and drops them every time. She is being prepared, I know that one day she will accept our message.

Today in Lithuania it was Women's Day. It was nice, I saw women carrying around flowers and men carrying flowers to give to their women. We received a tulip after Sacrament meeting. On the way home from church a man was kissing all the women he passed on the street and tried to do the same to Sister Hoskin and I. I tried to give my tulip to 2 different women who would not take it on the bus, finally the last woman on the bus took it. So, Happy Women's Day!! I think we should celebrate this holiday in America. We also thought daylight savings changed our clocks today, but I guess in Europe we don't change our clocks until the 29th of March.

Sister Brown

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