Thursday, November 20, 2014


Labas šeima ir draugas,
(Hello family and friends)

Linda K. Burton spoke to us on Tuesday evening. It was wonderful. She asked us to sing the primary song "He Sent His Son," the Spirit was really strong. She read in Ether about the Jaredites journey in the barges to the promised land. I instantly related with the story. She said she read this the day she arrived in Seoul, Korea. When she read this she felt as the Jaredites felt arriving in the promised land. In the story it talks about their journey and how they were protected, and all the way there they were singing praises to the Lord. I thought about my journey, and if I have been singing praises to the Lord. For the most part I am just super impatient and am ready to just be in my mission teaching people, but I need to remember that it is all about the journey to that point, and my attitude. I need to sing praises unto the Lord. At the end of her talk she told a story about these two young twin boys who had just learned to ride their bikes. They were riding, and probably going a little too fast, when one of the boys fell off of his bike. He was crying and hurt when the other little boy jumped off of his bike and ran over to his brother to give him comfort. The unhurt boy then began to try and carry his hurt brother inside, which was not an easy task since they were the same size. They finally got inside and when asked why the unhurt boy was crying he said that his brother was hurt. When one hurts the other hurts, and he brought him home to be healed. I really loved this story, that is our purpose as missionaries, to bring others home to be healed.

Sesuo Brown

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